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MillerCoors is built upon a foundation of more than 288 years of brewing heritage. It is a legacy driven by our founders to brew the highest quality beers, and a commitment that continues today. Our vision is to create America's best beer company by driving profitable growth. And we insist on building our brands the right way through quality brewing, responsible marketing, and a commitment to sustainable development and community investments. We're building a true team of highly talented people. People who are passionate about the beer business, who love to win and have a desire to learn, and who always aim to amaze customers by doing the little things that make a big difference.

Posting Job Description
To direct and supervise the implementation of the MillerCoors' accounting and control policies at the brewery level as related to: brewery revenues and expenses, federal excise tax reporting, fixed and variable budgeting, prompt and accurate payment of vendors, timely and accurate payroll processing and cost reduction.

  • Manage and direct the functions of the Brewery Accounting area in accordance with Company and Brewery policies, procedures, and generally accepted accounting principles.
  • Monitor department to strict compliance to all applicable governmental reporting (State and Federal) with regard to brewery permits, excise taxes and monthly/quarterly reports. In addition, provide records and explanation for on-site inspection by TTB and state regulatory inspectors within the applicable limits of TTB and state regulations.

  • Coordinate, analyze, review and input of all brewery budgets. This includes cost system variable standards, production performance reporting/control and Corporate profit planning; fixed budgeting of all brewery overhead for salaries, wages, fringe benefits (salaried and hourly), all direct and indirect expenses for the brewery, and required balance sheet inventory forecasting.

  • Provide guidance and direction to Department Managers in conjunction with the preparation, review and analysis of their budget/forecasts, standards, variances, etc.; compile the total brewery budgets and prepare presentations for Corporate management.

  • Evaluate subordinates and provide guidance, feedback and a climate for the further development of their abilities as it relates to their goals as well as those of the department, brewery and company.

  • Administer the proper payment of wages to hourly employees in accordance with Federal and State regulations, existing labor contracts and company policies.

  • Provide for and encourage the development of new and/or improved systems to better and more efficiently accomplish brewery and corporate objectives with minimum additional workforce.

  • Coordinate with the brewery Controller to provide brewery management with timely and concise reports to measure brewery/department performances, identify brewery problem areas and review brewery financial performance.

  • Supervise and direct the maintenance of proper records to control the billing function (to ensure all shipped product is invoiced timely and accurately), materials on-premise or in off-premise warehouse, returnable containers, shipping supplies, scrap and by-products.

  • Manage the proper recording, analysis and presentation of costs and expenses under the proper cost centers as established in the Cost and Budget Performance Systems.

  • Direct a comprehensive audit program of the brewery to maintain compliance with company and brewery policies and procedures and good internal controls.

  • Direct the record maintenance and physical taking of all inventories (raw materials, work-in-process, finished goods, shipping supplies, etc.) and the subsequent reconciliations and variance reporting.

  • Direct the processing and control of all brewery controlled general ledger functions and monitor the timely processing of all items required to close the books.

  • Manage the proper recording and analysis of all capital projects approved at the brewery level in accordance with company policies and procedures.

  • Be familiar with basic purchasing functions.

  • Authorize and control the payment of funds for properly approved petty cash expenditures, revolving fund expenses and expense advances as well as the preparation of bank deposits for COD shipments and miscellaneous cash collections.

Preferred Qualifications
Education level and/or Experience:

  • Bachelor's degree in Accounting. MBA preferred.

  • Minimum of 5 years of cost accounting experience in a manufacturing environment, or 8 years of accounting experience in the MillerCoors system
Skills and/or Knowledge:

  • Must have a thorough knowledge and understanding of general accounting principles, company policies and procedures, and their relation to a practical brewery operations environment; the major emphasis being placed on cost accounting, the budgeting process (directing, analyzing, explaining, etc.), monthly reporting of financial performance to satisfy Brewery and Corporate requirements, and control over the revenue (billing) process, payments, (accounts payable), payroll functions, production accounting and proper internal controls.

  • Must have a thorough working knowledge of operations/brewery performance measures and their relationship to brewery operations.

  • Must possess strong interpersonal administrative and conceptual managerial and supervisory skills to effectively direct and motivate people to have a positive impact on the organization.

  • Must have a thorough knowledge and understanding of federal and state governmental regulations relating to the reporting and payment of excise taxes and compliance with specific governmental regulations.

  • Must have a good working knowledge and application of data processing, purchasing and the ability to work with upper management on a day-to-day basis.

  • Must be familiar with microcomputers, software, and systems utilized by the department. Must have basic skills in program presentation and training.

  • Must have good oral and written communication skills. Must be familiar with EEO and Affirmative Action laws and compliance and the company plan.

  • Must have the ability to evaluate and establish priorities in order to achieve short-term and long-term goals.
Other Requirements:

  • CPA certification desired.
  • Interact, Engage, Support and Influence all levels of brewery employees

Company Description:

We are passionate about beer and the beer business. We’re focused on creating big ideas and innovations that drive profitable growth and will help create a new era in the American beer industry.  We stand behind our values of alcohol responsibility, environmental sustainability, community and ethical business practices.  Add it up and you’ll see we’re dedicated to creating America’s best beer company.

Great People Changing The Way America Enjoys Beer

It takes great people to make great beer, and we know it takes passion, creativity and talent in every area of our business to create America’s best beer company.  Our team is comprised of highly talented individuals who are diverse, dedicated, creative, inclusive and passionate.MillerCoors recognizes the need for a diverse and highly-skilled workforce and supports the growth of diversity in many ways.  We actively participate in talent-sourcing with diverse and national organizations, partner with more than 300 diverse suppliers, and support the communities where we live, work, and sell our beer.  Our Workplace philosophy is simple:  Contribute your best with confidence, grow your career, and together help to create America’s best beer company.

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