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Custom Mobile App - $0 Development Fee / $199 Monthly Hosting Fee*


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Ad number:#95515134
Contact:Mark Underwood
Price:$0 Development Fee


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Custom Mobile App -  $0 Development Fee  / $199 Monthly Hosting Fee*

The adoption of mobile devices is growing at a rapid pace.  Studies show, within the next two years you may see more people visiting your website on a phone or tablet instead of using a traditional computer.  It is estimated that 1.82 billion mobile devices are in use today.  By 2015, an estimated 780 million people will use only mobile devices, not owning a laptop or desktop computer.  Now is the opportune moment to mobilize your business with a Mobile App.  Start driving sales while increasing brand loyalty with all of the great features we offer.

Why does your business need an App?

• Edge out your competitors.

• Your customers want it.

• New customers find you, allowing you to make connections with them easier.

• Collect customer data off app registrations for marketing campaigns.

• Offer Coupons such as GPS or QR codes to drive traffic and sales.

• Electronic Loyalty Program management (card free and hassle free).

• Send important notices and information to registered customers (push notifications).

• Get new customers from millions of smart phones and searching for businesses like yours.

• Eliminate redundant calls for directions or about current specials.

• Become more active in today's valuable social media like Facebook share.

• Convert existing web sites to mobile sites (or we can make a site for you).


With over 30 features to take your business to a new level.  Some of the most popular features are…

·        Current Event Calendars: Keep your customers informed on all the important events you have going on, you have no wasted paper or printing costs.

·        Communicate: With Push notifications by delivering important updates about important changes, specials, offers, and sales. Share information to all app users with one step.

·        Restaurant menu or Inventory lists: Customer can order directly with their mobile phone app or your staff can create an order from anywhere in your location.

·        GPS Coupons:  Enable electronic coupons to be sent to your customers within a certain radius of your business, GeoFence.  Drive business during slow times or sell those products that are not moving.

·        QR Coupons: Coupons which are redeemed by scanning a specified QR code. Save thousands of wasted dollars on inefficient print and/or mail campaigns.

·        Loyalty Programs (no Card needed): Loyalty programs are what your repeat customers demand! They want a discount or something free. These loyalty programs encourage repeat visits or purchases.

·        Social integration: Connect to Social Media sites Linkedln, Facebook, Twitter, Google+, etc. The fastest way to get new customers is to get your customers talking about you or sharing, go viral.

·        Shopping cart:  Sell your products and services inside your mobile app. Full integration built into your app. In the near future, this is where most dollars will be spent.

·        Payment gateway Connection:  Run payments easily and safely. We do all the integration for you with your new merchant account with us.

·        One touch calls: No numbers to save or remember, if they are driving or on the move-make it easier for them to reach you and watch your sales increase!

·        Give customers multiple ways to reach you. Today's customers want an app with a mobile website, email, and GPS directions to find and reach you.

·        Mobilize Website:  We can mobilized your current website to make your website mobile device friendly.

·        Analytics: Powerfully track how many customers are using your app, new installs. View those which are your most profitable user and customize marketing to target these most valuable customers directly.


* To get started we ask for the 1st and last month’s payment upfront



MersaTech can develop a custom Mobile App for your business on iOS, Android, Windows & Black Berry.  For a limited time only a $0 development fee, with a low $199 monthly fee*.

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