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Social Media Marketing Director


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Ad number:#45715319
Contact:Ed Hastings
City:Denver Metro


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Our website is complete, fully functional now it’s time to tell the world.  We are looking for a Director of Social Media Marketing to promote our website.




Please view our website to get a feel for the products we are offering:




We are looking for someone to lead our website marketing effort.  This is a work at home position and you will be required to provide your own computer and internet connection.  You will be granted access to our website to track and monitor sales stats based on your marketing activities.  We had the idea have invested our time and money in the creation of our now fully functional and 100% complete website.  Now we require someone proficient in social media to market our website.  If are a stay at home person and have a full understand of creating and promoting ideas and topics through social media, this may be the position for you.  You must know how to create ads, blog, post comments and photos, promote, create buzz, etc. in multiple social media environments.




The ideal candidate will be proficient in:












Other social media websites




You will be getting in on the ground floor and reporting directly to the company owners who will look to you for advice and expertise.  You may set your own hours marketing our website anyway you can through social media.  This is a non-salary, non-hourly position with no additional benefits.  We will pay .25 cents for every sale that is made as long as you are in the director position.  Twenty five cents may not seem like a lot, but consider the potential for the amount of work involved should we become a success.  If you like the idea, feel the product has potential and are willing to put in some time and effort, than this may be the position for you.  With every venture, especially on the internet there is a risk of failure, but there may also be success and in this case, we hope great success.




We are looking for someone to share our dream.  If you feel you are qualified and have an interest in the position, then we want to talk with you.




Send an email with your qualifications and contact information and someone will be in touch with you shortly.  We are located in the Denver Metro area and our preference is to have someone locally but his position could be located remote to the Denver area.




Thank you






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