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1955 belair 2 door post V8


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1955 BelAir 2 door sedan (post). This is a real v8 car that has been with the same owner since 1968. We purchased this Bel Air from a 62 year old woman in dry southern Idaho. She bought this car in 1968 when she was 17 years old and this was her daily driver until 1989 when the powerglide transmission stopped working. Her husband put a 1964 327 engine in the car around 1970 replacing the original 265 v8. She drove the car all those years, and when the transmission stopped working the car was pushed into a barn on their farm where it remained until 5 years ago. The Bel Air was moved out of the barn and covered until the cover blew away in a storm. We rescued the car and lubed the cylinders and it fired right up. When I removed the valve covers they were completely clean and still wet with oil. New valve cover gaskets were installed along with a new fuel pump. Fuel tank pickup tube is plugged but runs from a small gas can.This car is extremely rust free! Just a few spots in the floor and I put in original type patch panels in front and rear passenger side. Drivers side floor pans are soft but not rusted through and you may well decide to replace them or coat with por 15 rust inhibitor. I poked the entire body with a small pick and located 5 very small spots. Body seems to be great on this Belair! Car will need new side glass and wiring and a transmission and wiring. Transmission is cast iron powerglide. Missing drivers front fender and door stainless and drivers rear window lower stainless. Rear passenger floor support has some rust damage as well. Just trying to let you know everything I have found. You may inspect the car or send your agent. This will be the perfect fall and winter project, and can be the car of your dreams ready to cruise by next summer. It is a real Bel Air trim car with original just about everything. Even the wheels are 55 Chevrolet with her 1970's trim rings and large moon caps. This still has the original seats in good condition, again with her 70's upholstery and metal flake steering wheel. The Bel Air will need brakes and wiring and a transmission, but could be driven just like that if you like. These cars when finished right bring big money and are the Icon of hot rods. Don't miss this opportunity to score such a great car. Summer 2014 is just around the corner! Call Jhan Miller at 801 891-0754 for an appointment.. Car is located near Salt Lake City Utah.

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