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QualiCare Maids “Total Home Cleaning” Recession Priced Maid Cleaning Services Still Remains One Of The Highest Consumer Rated Environmentally Friendly Maid Services in the Carolinas For These Reasons:

1.) Pet friendly employees that use environmentally safe high quality pleasant smelling non-bleach cleaning products that are never harmful to humans or pets.

2.) The QualiCare Maids “Total Home Cleaning” program is one of the highest consumer rated maid cleaning programs in the Carolinas, based on over 2100 consumer reviews that have rated the QualiCare ”Total Home Cleaning” program
over companies such as Molly Maids, Merry Maids, Carolina Maids, Minit Maids, and many other reputable over priced maid services that are more hype
than bite.

3.) QualiCare Maids has an impeccable reputation for excellent and consistent home cleaning each visit, because QualiCare Maids realize that there are many cleaning
choices being offered to consumers, so price and quality mean everything to consumers when they are looking for a maid service that they can trust to clean their home to their expectations each visit, and QualiCare Maids have become the overwhelming choice in North Carolina that busy professionals, realtors, new home buyers, and pet owners choose over other maid services.

4.) QualiCare Maids is a U.S. Veteran owned and operated company that is licensed,
bonded, and insured for $2,000.000 and all employees are drug free, crime free, OSHA certified, trained in home security, and QualiCare Maids carry all of their
business credentials to each customers home along with 60 customer review references with customers full contact information.

Your home is not completely clean until it has be totally cleaned
By the QualiCare Maids staff and inspected for quality assurance.

If you are a busy professional that lives a busy lifestyle, leave the cleaning to QualiCare Maids, besides, don’t you have more important things that you would like to be doing than worrying about cleaning your home?

You may also need QualiCare if you are moving in or out of a home or apartment, or need home organizing, closet organizing, or garage organizing.
QualiCare offers professional commercial and residential cleaning, as well as professional home organization services that are done to your expectations.

• Bathroom and Kitchen cleaning
• Tub and Sink Whitening
• Carpet vacuuming
• Wipe down appliances
• Interior window washing
• Dishes
• Laundry washing/Folding
• Picking up toys
• Bed-making
• Organizing
• Dusting
• Move-out cleaning
• Emergency cleaning
• Spring cleaning
• Kitty litter changing
• Hardwood Floor Cleaning/Mopping of floors

You really don't need to decide now to use QualiCare Maids, but please read some of the testimonials at this link before you go:


Go ahead and click on this link to get a free online estimate:


You can also call QualiCare Maids now to discuss your cleaning needs

And get a free phone estimate at 704-218-9645.


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