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Carpet Cleaning - Dry - Say no to steam


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Each Room $29.99 Whole house Deal
Email me, ill Deal Is Guaranteed

Professional, knowledgeable and courteous technician.
Long-lasting Deeply and Thoroughly Cleaned Carpets.
Super Fast Dry Time.
Safe, Natural, Non-Toxic Cleaning Products.
We're Detail Oriented.
We Move Most Furniture - but not everything.
No Add-Ons, Up sells, Extra Charges or Surprises.
A Guarantee You Can Count On.

Tired Of Cleaning? Dirty Furniture, Floors, Carpets? Stains After Stain? Bad Odor?
CALL US NOW! (617) 913-5366 Ask For J.P or
Email Me at

Why SAY No To Steam -- And Any Company Just as Stanley Steemers?.....
Apart from the waste water from the cleaning there's also the drying time to take into account. Dependent upon the level of cleaning you may have to wait anywhere from 2-24 hours for your carpet to dry. Also, if the carpet is not dried correctly there exists a possibility for mold to cultivate or for some stains to come back. The various steps involved in the steam cleaning process can be harmful to carpeting. The heat necessary to do a proper steam clean can damage carpet fibers and destroy carpet base. Carpeting may pill and lose its visual appeal. If there is too much water in the steam cleaner, the suction from the machine may not be enough to remove it all from the carpet. The result can be mildew.How Do We Provide A Superior Carpet Cleaning?
1. We power vacuum your carpets, lift the pile and dry extract all loose soil, dust and allergens.
2. We'll pre-treat all obvious spots and stains
3. Apply a citrus-based low moisture encapsulating pre-treatment to emulsify any remaining spots or stains
4. Organic micro sponges are then applied and brushed through the carpet cleaning from the bottom up with special machines using soft counter rotating brushes. This process dissolves, absorbs and traps soil, spots, stains and odors as it cleans.
5. To remove allergy-causing contaminants and dust mites, we use carpet cleaning techniques that use deep-down - from the bottom up extraction, yet still follow manufacturers' recommendations and warranty requirements.
6. Your carpet is then professionally groomed and ready to use immediately.

But Is This Process Really Effective?Take a look at the before and after images below and decide for yourself. If we can restore carpets like these, you can rest assured, we can provide the quality of cleaning you want and deserve for yours.
Our "Clean Carpet" Guarantee
We offer a 100% Clean Carpet guarantee. If you are not thrilled with the service experience you recieve from us, we will return at no charge and no obligation and reclean any area you feel needs additional attention. It's our 30-day, 100% Clean Carpet Guarantee.

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