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Holiday Christmas Cup Set. 4 Coffee Mugs. Bottom Marked Japan. Xmas Tree Life


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Holiday Christmas Cup Set. 4 Coffee Mug Lot. Bottom Marked Japan. Xmas Tree Life


Coffee Mug Set

Vibrant and Colorful

This a a set of four Christmas coffee mugs.  Each is different, I believe that they are suppose to be a whimsical interpretation of obtaining a Xmas tree on Christmas Eve.

 - The first one, the one furthest to the left, shows pine trees in the distance in the evening.  Note that the snow is not heavy, there is no snow on the trees, you have a quarter moon, and the trees are not decorated.

 - The second one, the cup to the right of the first one, shows the trees a little closer with homes in the background.  Please note that the snow has gotten heavier, there is a few snow flakes on the trees, the moon is about on third thru it's cycle, and the trees are not decorated.

 - the third one, the mug to the right of the second one, shows the trees even closer.  The snow is more uniform on this mug, the trees appear to be bigger (because they are closer), there is no moon, and the trees have a star on top of them.

 - the fourth cup, the one all the way to the right, shows the trees decorated and snowpeople have all been made up.  The snow is again very uniform on this cup, the trees appear even bigger (since they are even closer than the third cup), the moon is long gone - since the children have made the snow people, and the trees are decorated and have snow on them.

I think the set is lovely.

I believe, they were made in the 1930's.  I am not positive, but I believe so.  Feel free to correct me if I am wrong.  In my research, I found that "JAPAN" could be marked on items between 1891 and 1921.  But I just don't think that is the case here.  The majority of the ceramics marked, as I understand it, were marked as this one between 1921 and 1941.  Then, there was nothing for a few years during the war.  Then 1947 thru 1952, the "JAPAN" was used again, but mostly with ink.  In 1952, I believe they went to mostly stickers.  Either way, I wanted to let you know how I arrived at the 1930's.

In general, I consider these cups to be in very good condition:

The first cup has no flaws - except a little black dot on the bottom of the cup.  I consider this to be in very good condition.

The second mug has a little bit of paint on the handle.  I consider this cup to be in very good condition.

The third cup has no condition problems.  I consider it to be in excellent condition.

The fourth and final cup has very slight crackling in the inside of the cup, it does not go thru to the bottom of the cup (the exterior).  It is quite faint.  I consider this cup to be in good condition.


The mugs are made of a ceramic material.

On the bottom of the cup, there is the mark 'JAPAN' - which is a indented into the ceramic.

The cups are about 3 5/8 tall; the rim is about 3 3/16 inches across; and the base is about 3 1/16 inches across.


The price is for the set of four mugs.  In addition to the price, you will be paying for shipping.

I am selling these four cups at




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