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Become a Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club Supreme Member!  


As low as $63,000 for Lifetime Supreme Membership.Negotiable.


Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club Overview


Founded 10 years ago, LHVC is a priority structured vacation club based on the north coast of the Dominican Republic that includes over 64,000 members representing over 16,000 membership agreements. Supreme Member represents almost the highest level of membership within LHVC.


Supreme Member Benefits Contracts enjoy priority over other members of the Club with respect to all matters of the Club. Supreme Member s enjoy unrestricted access to all of LHVC benefits and amenities as well as the highest level of Club priority at a cost of up to $80,000 when purchased directly from the Club.  


The home resort of Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Resort (LHVR) is an All-Inclusive resort with 5-star accommodations. LHVR represents a beautiful collection of vacation properties that includes The Tropical (superior rooms and junior suites), The Crown Suites, The Residence Suites, The Royal Suites, The Presidential Suites (studio, one-bedroom, and two-bedroom suites) and The Crown Villas (a collection of 100+ three to seven bedroom luxury villas). 


The Cofresi Palm Beach & Spa Resort adjoins Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Resort and offers standard studio suites, spa suites (adults only), and modern beach suites. The Center Court by Lifestyles at LHVR (three to six bedroom luxury villas) is under construction with 10+ new Royal Villas already built and 20+ more expected soon. Costa Esmeralda by Lifestyle at LHVR and The Level by Lifestyle at LHVR are 5 to 7 bedroom luxury villa projects that are under various stages of development and construction.  Supreme Members have priority to use these villas once available!


LHVR offers 15+ restaurants and 30+ bars, a complimentary Kid’s club, two night clubs, two spas and fitness centers, tennis courts, basketball courts, water sports, and much more. The Club throws a weekly welcome party with gourmet outdoor buffet, live entertainment, and fireworks. The Resort offers many excursions and is partnered with the nearby Ocean World Adventure Park and Casino.


Our family has personally witnessed the rapid development of LHVC properties over the past 6 years since we joined the Club in 2006 With award winning sales performance LHVC is on track to maintain if not surpass its previous growth. LHVC has received the RCI Top Producer Award for the fourth consecutive year for outstanding sales performance. LHVC is a fast growing company with a promising future.


LHVC has been recognized for the quality of its services and amenities receiving the Prisma Award for personnel operations and the prestigious RCI Gold Crown Resort® Award for various LHVR accommodations. LHVC strives for excellence in all matters and the dining services are no exception having been awarded the ARDA award for food and beverage two years in a row.


The Offer


LHVC has a bright future that my family is glad to be part of. We are Platinum Supreme Lifetime Members of LHVC.


Names may be added to LHVC Supreme Member  Benefits Contract for a one-time payment of $30,000.


I am offering a 10% discount for transferring this membership to your name/family. 


You and your traveling companions would be able to enjoy all the wonderful benefits that our family has been enjoying as LHVC Supreme Members. You would receive the highest level of priority with respect to all aspects of the Club.  You would receive the nicest available accommodations (villas, presidential suites, etc.)


You would have dining priority. You would be entitled to gourmet BBQs and personal chef's dinners wherever you stay. You would receive the highest level of priority regarding VIP transportation (limos, helicopters, and golf carts). You would have unlimited access to the entire Resort (existing and coming Supreme Members only areas).


 Benefit Details


·         Priority over other members in all matters concerning the Resort

·         Unrestricted access to LHVC benefits and amenities

·         Access to a Supreme Members only area at “Serenity Beach” call “De Ja view”

·         Use of “Azul” and “Anja’s Lounge”, the Club's premier restaurant and lounge

·         Tickets to Ocean World.

·         Use of a special lounge at “Ocean World” in Puerto Plata

·         Availability of a separate service team exclusively responsible for Supreme Member s of the Club




There are NO yearly maintenance fees. If you don't travel on your membership, you incur no additional expenses. Below are the Service fees for a 7 night stay. Service fees are prorated for the # of nights stayed and will NEVER increase. 


$199 – Junior Suite


$259 – 1 bedroom 


$299 – 2 bedroom / penthouse

$499 – 1 bedroom Royal Suite



$699 – 2 bedroom Royal Suite



$999 – Villa (3 to 7 bedrooms)



$299 – Studio Presidential Suite



$499 – 1 bedroom Presidential Suite



$699 – 2 bedroom Presidential Suite


You may send guests to the Resort on your membership and add rental premiums to your service fees. You may charge for gold bracelets to further increase your profits. You set the prices and keep 100% of your rental premiums. 


As an example, we charge our guests $50 per villa room per night and $10 per day for gold bracelets. If you were to send a group of 10 adults to the Resort as your guests staying in a 5-bedroom villa for 7 nights your profit would be $1751. That's just one rental!


Consider how much you could make in 40 years with just a little effort, certainly enough to cover the cost of your membership. If you don't want to rent, consider charging your traveling companions small premiums to cover your travel costs and vacation for free!


Mandatory All-Inclusive (AI) fees are set by the Club and subject to change. AI fees are locked for confirmed bookings. Current fees range from $50 per day for junior suites to $85 per day for villas. Children 3 to 12 are half price. All-Inclusive fees are generally paid directly to the Resort at check-in.

LHVC is affiliated with many travel partners that you may use to travel around the world. Simply pay for your desired accommodations through LHVC and trade though one of the Club's sister companies. You have access to 1000's of travel destination around the world for the same low fees plus a small transaction fee for the trade.   


There are no restrictions on the number of trades you may make.  If you never travelled to LHVC and only used your membership to trade and travel for the next 40 years, you would easily recoup the cost of this membership in travel savings!



Each Supreme Member  contract is entitled to book/soft book two 5/6 bedroom or four 3/4-bedroom villas each month during peak season months (FEB, MAR, APR, JUL, NOV, DEC)

Throughout other months of the year, the Supreme Member shall not be limited to the amount of villas that they can book (subject to availability) 

Supreme Member  bookings will be responded to within 24 hours



Each Supreme Member contract is entitled to 12 black bracelets at once

Supreme Member is entitled to unlimited gold bracelets

Supreme Member guests may receive blue or gold bracelets 


VIP Transportation


Supreme Member has priority for Limousine and Helicopter transfer between the Resort and Puerto Plata airport. 

Supreme Member will have priority for golf carts which shall be provided in all LHVR accommodations based on availability. 

LHVC guarantees Supreme Member guests will receive one golf cart per villa service fee paid.

Supreme Member will receive one golf cart per villa except for the 6 bedroom villa where they will receive 2 golf carts.  

The Club will procure a VIP Arrival / Check-out at the Gregorio Luperon International Airport of Puerto Plata (POP) as well as the right of usage of the Supreme Member lounge at POP free of charge (Still in development)

LHVC will allow Supreme Member guests Limousine and Helicopter transfers between the Resort and Puerto Plata airport at the direction of the Supreme Member and based on availability.



Food and Drink

Supreme Member may receive Gourmet Grill (BBQ) when staying at any LHVC accommodation. 

LHVC will allow Supreme Member guests a Gourmet Grill when staying in Villa. 

Supreme Member may reserve a chef of the restaurant to prepare breakfast and/or dinners. 

Supreme Member will receive the highest quality of National and International beverage delivery. 

LHVC will cover costs for drinks at nightclubs for Supreme Members. 

LHVC will send chef to Villa for breakfast for Supreme Members.



Other Benefits

LHVC will cover the cost of laundry for Supreme Member. 

The Club shall grant the Supreme Member unlimited admission to Ocean World. 

Supreme Member guests will receive the use of golf cart when staying in villas (one per villa) based on availability. 

Supreme Member guests will receive limited National and International drink delivery from a special menu. 

Supreme Member guests will receive complimentary greens fees and transportation to 9 holes at Los Mango golf course.




For More Information or To Purchase Please Contact:


Lina K. (best way to contact)


LHVC Online  

Our web site.


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