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HANDYMAN/ODD JOBS, only $10 an hour! Clean, honest, reliable, drug-free, valid DL, lots of references!


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Price:Only $10 per hour


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(All pictures shot within last few months. LOTS more available!)

*I DO NOT HAVE A TRUCK, only a small car.

***ANY and ALL work anywhere north of Tukwila or Renton is $15 per hour!*** (All other jobs $10 per hour, plus gas surcharge if over 20 miles from Tacoma.)
Sometimes "Handyman for hire, call XXX-XXXX" is not enough to convince a homeowner to hire someone, so if you'll please take the time to read this mini-novel, you will be glad you did. Thank you!

*I'm 55 years old, honest, dependable, hard-working, clean cut, NOT a druggie or a drunk.
*I have a valid driver's license and a clean, reliable, insured CAR (I don't own a truck).
*I have some basic hand tools but not a lot. (Can maybe borrow certain specialty tools I don't have).
*I'll show up when I say I will (or call if I'm running late) and work until the job is done.
*If I don't think I can do a job, I'll let you know. I won't pretend I'm an expert at everything.
*I've done rental move-out & foreclosure clean-ups and minor repairs since back in the early 80's.
*ALL people I have done odd jobs for said they'll use me again in the future, and I get a LOT of repeat calls.
*Everyone who hires me for odd jobs appreciate my friendliness, my attitude and my honesty.
*I can provide countless refs from people who I've done odd jobs for, as well as character refs!
*I've driven up to 26-foot box trucks for employers in delivery jobs, so if you need to rent a truck, I can drive it.
*I work great without supervision! If you leave for errands, I don't stop working or take a bunch of breaks!
*I will work any day of the week including holidays for the same hourly rate!

I'M ONLY A HANDYMAN doing odd jobs, NOT A CONTRACTOR doing major work, so I don't charge nearly as much as some people do. Sure, I could charge more, but I'm not greedy and I want to be fair and affordable. Don't let my low rates make you think my work is low quality! Ask someone I've done work for and you will find I do great work at a very fair price!

I only charge $10 an hour (after initial $20 charge), which is more than fair for odd jobs and handyman work since minimum wage is creeping up on the $10 mark. MINIMUM CHARGE of $20 even if it's only 10 minutes of work, up to 2 hours, then only $10 an hour after that. (2 minutes to 2 hours $20, 3 hours $30, 4 hours $40, etc.). So, if I just change a light bulb it's $20. If I work a half hour, it's $20. If I work 1 hour or two hours, still $20.

Some people have said all this is confusing, so here is a better idea:
***$20 minimum on first job, whether it takes 5 minutes or up to 2 hours.
***Add $10 gas surcharge if over 20 miles from Tacoma city limits.
***Add $5 for bridge toll if I have to cross the Narrows.
(I used to charge $15 per hour if over 20 miles from Tacoma, but decided to be more fair to other people and just get something extra for gas. BUT, I still do charge $15 per hour if you I have to drive farther north than Tukwila or Renton.)
CASH ONLY at the end of each day (NO CHECKS!). Since I've been out of work so long, I need to be paid CASH daily to keep gas in my car and eat and pay a bill or two. Thank you for understanding.

I'll start with what I do NOT DO:

NO stocking, hanging, taping or texturing sheetrock (but I do minor repairs).
NO painting of any kind except decks (yes, I'll paint or stain decks!).
NO carpet/flooring/tile/linoleum except removal.
NO glass repair of any kind, large or small.
NO roofing or roof repairs of any kind except cleaning.
NO masonry/concrete/cement or foundation work.
NO working with or around farm animals.
NO pulling weeds or pruning trees/bushes (but I will mow & edge).
NO digging or landscaping work (I'm not a fan of dirt or mud).
NO bathroom exhaust fans unless I can get into attic to access.
NOTHING involving crawling under a house, but Mobile Homes maybe ONLY if adequate clearance!


*Rental/Foreclosure clean-ups (done this for many years for realtors and homeowners)
*Clean gutters & downspouts or re-secure loose ones (your ladder)
*Change/install locks and door knobs and reinforce doors/hinges
*Install deadbolts and other door locks (I have all sizes of hole saws)
*Install ceiling fans, interior/exterior light fixtures, more
*Replace light switches, standard or GFCI outlets and thermostats
*Install exhaust fan timers and replace fans in bathrooms (if I can get into ceiling)
*Hook up washers, driers, other appliances and/or replace cords
*Replace oven elements & stove-top burners
*Install vertical blinds, mini-blinds and curtains (and the rods of course)
*Tune-up/repair lawn mowers or get them running (I'm a former small engine mechanic)
*Pressure wash homes, roofs, gutters, driveways, sidewalks, etc (your pressure washer or rental)
*Install smoke detectors (and CO2 sensors) and hang fire extinguishers
*Clean-up and hauling of trash & yard waste, etc (your truck or trailer)
*Minor plumbing repairs/replacement (faucets, toilets, sinks, etc)
*Replace toilet valves, flappers, wax rings or entire toilets
*Replace interior and/or exterior faucets or repair dripping ones
*Replace hot water tanks and/or heating elements
*Replace baseboard and door trim/moulding
*Adjust and/or rehang closet doors, replace rollers, tracks, etc
*Install weather stripping around doors and windows
*Caulk around the bathroom or around windows
*Minor sheet rock repairs not involving full sheets
*Load/unload moving trucks and even driving them (I've driven up to 26-foot box trucks)
*Minor auto repair -- brakes, carbs, tune-ups, etc. (I have tons of experience but not a lot of tools)
*Furniture assembly like entertainment centers, shelves, dressers, more (did this at Wal-Mart!)
*Minor carpentry (repairing porches/decks, hanging doors, fixing fences, more)
*Stain or paint decks, steps and/or porches
*Lawn mowing and weed-eating but NO weed pulling or digging
*Program remotes for home electronics, garage door openers, and car alarms
*Even car audio and security installations! (Done this since the late 70's!)

Please CALL 2five3-three4one-zero9nine1 between 5:00 AM to 10:00 PM. I have incoming text turned off, so please CALL or I won't get your message.

NOTE: You might want to call as soon as possible instead of just "thinking about calling" because I get a LOT of calls at this low hourly rate and I get booked up pretty fast! I can usually squeeze you in within the next few days after you call, but not always (and often not the same day but do try).

Please respect me with these wishes (after all, I'm only human):
1. UNBLOCK YOUR PHONE (by dialing *82 then my number) before you call. I do NOT answer calls that come up as "restricted" or "unavailable".
2. If you call and get my voicemail, please leave ONE message and give me time to call you back, which I will do. Do NOT keep calling until I answer. Thank you.
In exchange for showing me the above respect, I will return the favor by calling you back as soon as I possibly can.
THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH! I appreciate it.

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