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Contact:Dave Creech
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Ethical Contractor

I am an ethical contractor and ask for the opportunity to prove my ethics to you.  I constantly go up against others that break the rules.  I lose the work because it costs more to pull permits, use correct framing hangers, properly distribute structural loads, dig footings to the proper depth and diameter, and give the correct information in the estimate phase even though I know the person I am talking to is getting the wrong information from others.  I am A-1 licensed, insured, clean cut and never hire illegal aliens. As an A-1 licensed contractor I can perform all types of construction projects.  Examples of this are room additions, new home construction, basement finishes, new roofs, remodeled kitchens and bathroom, office remodels, commercial construction, doors, windows, patio covers, decks, and project management.  Please review the website below and call 322-2725.  I will give you a free estimate with a schedule. 


Code of Ethics:

1.         We will maintain our construction license in force with proper insurance in effect as required by the licensing authority.

2.         We will not do any construction work which requires a permit, without first obtaining said permit.

3.         We will not use or apply customer’s deposits or funds to any other projects than that which funds were intended for.

4.         We will begin a project on the date promised, unless acts of God preclude our ability to do so,           sub-contractors are    unavailable, or unless date change is agreed to by our customer.

5.         We will complete project per our agreement unless acts of God preclude our ability to do so,          sub-contractors are unavailable, or unless date change is agreed to by our customer.

6.         We will comply with the code authority; obtain inspections as required, and final close-out as     required by code authority.

7.         We will pay all employees, sub-contractors and material suppliers that have provided goods or services on any project, and when paid in full, we will protect our customer from any potential liens or encumbrances.

8.         We will dress and act professionally as dictated by industry construction standards for the task being performed by each individual on construction site, and will not smoke. We will drink no alcoholic beverages while on site or in transit to site. We will play no loud music.

9.         We will maintain all safety standards as required by the industry.  We will immediately correct any safety dangers when noticed, and we will not allow individuals on site that refuse to follow industry safety standards.

10.       We will maintain the ethical standards and good name of dmc.



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