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Video Compression H.264® CODEC
Video Input BNC*4 (Composite signal 1.0Vp-p 75Ω)
Output (BNC) BNC*1 (Composite signal 1.0Vp-p 75Ω)
Output (VGA) Built-in VGA interface (1280*1024, 1024*768, 800*600)
Video Record Frame Rate NTSC : 30fps/ch
Recording Resolution NTSC : 360*240 120fps
Operation Mode Live display, Record, Playback, Backup, Network
Recording Mode Manual, Time, Motion, Remote
Audio Input/Output 1 RCA
Audio encode/decode ADPCM
PTZ Camera Control YES (Pelco-D&Pelco-P)
HDD Storage 1pc SATA HDD
Network Interface RJ45(10M/100M adjustable)
Network protocol TCP/IP, UDP, HTTP, NTP, DHCP, DDNS
CMS YES (Maximum:16 different IP addresses)
IR Remote Control YES
Multilingual OSD YES
Voltage input 12V


Why you need Security?

We know that crime is increasing daily especially in the tough times like NOW, our security system will give you peace of mind while you leaving your valuables or love ones at home. Our security system will also give protection such as alarm or time of event. Through our DVR, you can also monitoring your property live through your computer, laptop or even you 3G Mobile phone through internet.

We provide complete security to both commercial and residential sectors by protecting them against theft, vandalism, and crime. Security cameras help you monitor your business and home 24/7. 

We install cameras in homes, offices, retail stores, restaurants, parking spaces.
Security cameras also offer excellent remote surveillance functionality for better monitoring. They help you capture everything around you and stay aware and alert. As long as you have internet access you can view your cameras from anywhere in the world!!
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Our Surveillance Systems have helped many business owners to protect their assets and increase employee productivity. Our products have also helped the authority to identify felons. Now with the 3G phone viewing technology, it make more easier to monitor your
property any time at any where. 
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