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Life Insurance Sales/Recruiting Will Train

Does your current sales job have you thinking about other possible options?
We are looking for people that know how to make a sale.

We are looking for candidates who are looking to produce their own income and earn a strong passive income as well by building a team of their own.

The idea candidate understands what it takes to run their own business, being very disciplined, self motivated with an over achievers mentality.

If you have experience in any of the following sales we have a similar sales system.

• Home Improvement Sales
• Security System Sales
• Real Estate Sales
• Mortgage Finance
• Automotive Sales
• Pharmaceutical Sales

We have clients that are asking for help. No Cold Calling! Hot leads that put you in front of qualified clients. These are the best leads in the insurance industry today. If you are not familiar with mortgage protection sales here is a brief overview.

The new mortgage holders receive a letter explaining their benefit options to protect the mortgage from foreclosure due to death, disability or a critical illness. They also have the option to receive all of their money back should they not use the coverage at the end of the mortgage term. If they are concerned about this coverage they fill out a form with all their contact information including home phone. work phone and cell phone and the best time to call them. We need people to help these families find the best solution to cover their needs and protect their families. Our agents generate 4-6 applications per week in a 2 1/2 day span that pays average $600.00 each policy.

Here is what is required of you:

• Life Insurance License (we can help you obtain one if you do not have it)
• Willing to work hard
• Willing to follow a proven system

We have the goal of helping to bring balance to the professional and personal lives of independent insurance agents and agency builders across the country.

By focusing on a more balanced distribution of commissions, we are truly committed to sharing the wealth of opportunity with you, all while delivering high levels of service and training to our sales force.

Combining our direct mail lead program with business values of trust, reliability and integrity, we are committed to ensuring your personal goals and objectives can be successfully defined and subsequently achieved over the short, medium and long term.

If you are looking for the ability to make a great living while helping people, this could be the right fit for you.

Email back full contact info for consideration.

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