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Financial Algoritmic Trading System, Needs Cash, Will Eat the market.


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Contact:Dan Goe
City:Mexico, Missouri


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I'm an old retired programmer working my fingers to the bone trying to make a few bucks.

The big brokers trade billions of dollars, and make a very good profit.

They know the markets go up and down.

They wait for the stock to drop, and then they buy in and sell at some point higher up.

But this is all done by sophisticated computer trading systems buying a lot of stock and then selling at a profit.

The small investor really doesn't have access to this high profit trading.

But I offer a very easy way in to this very profitable investment and make a good return.

As my wealth grows and if you stay with me long term you'll be offered higher and higher returns.

The technique is nothing new, buy when the stock declines and sell when it advances.

Using the same money time and time again and the profits adds up in compounding income.

Even a 1.01 percent gain per day for 250 trading days about 1 year would amount to about 12 times your original investment.

There is a little trick here and that is to know when to sell and when to buy.

This is what my system learns.

Will it be perfect not likely, but it can get very close.

Computer Learning Systems have been around and applications in the stock market are very sophisticated.

If you spread across a wide trade range you'll always get something.

Find those prices that hit more often and you can rake in a very nice rate of return.

Political issues can cause major price fluctuation in all markets.

The Dow dives 500 points and then crawls back and does it again and again.

Generally this is what is called a saw tooth pattern as the ups and down form a graph that resemble the teeth in a saw.

The economy booms and stock skyrocket.

If inflation peaks up then stocks have to increase in price to hold real
dollar value.

With the Fed Printing dollars inflation is just a matter of when, not if.

Oil, Gold and Silver will follow moving inverse to the dollar moving down.

Some will buy and hold and say I want my 10%, but while they make nothing I make about 2.5% on trades on average, and even higher.

I have seen market spikes up 10%.

In the long run I'll make the 10% much sooner than the buy and hold investor.

I'm plastered to a very high price blip and this may change as the back testing numbers tell me it is better to sell early and buy back.

I ladder across those sell and buy points so I can buy when the price drops and sell when the price runs up.

Now lets take this up a step.

This may get a little technical, but read through it and think about the implications.

I've set up a back testing algorithm and sooner or later the right numbers in the right places will happen.

Rather than hold for a higher price it is better to sell and and re-buy and do this again and again. The profits mount and they compound.

The program is presently searching for those ideal buy sell points.

The system is just staring to make a return nearing the 206,000 on a 1,000,000 dollar paper trading.

Now 20.6% in 122 days of data is less than 1/2 a year, this thing should sky rocket soon.

All the system has to do is to tune to the right numbers and the cash rolls in.

The number of back test to run are astronomical.

I do believe I can find a way to search systematically to find those higher
returns numbers over time.

But I run wide open 7/24 every minuet and every day.

Each test takes about 5 minuets but as the trading gets faster then the machine will take more time to figure those returns.

But if there is more trading then the computer takes more time to process
those buys and sells.

Their is only 1440 minuets in each 24 hour day, and I get about 288 runs in a 24 hour period.

Thus with an 8 core I should be able to get about 8 times as many runs and more as the new chips run about 1.5 times faster than my old 2 core chip.

That will make the number of back testing near the 3456 runs per 24 hours.

Being a little creative helps me tune to those ideal points, the search space
of all the permuations of the code is key to finding those ideal points.

The points will shift in this dynamic market, up down and sideways.

If there is any big movements from anything the system remembers
and acts according to allocate funds to that low price and a shift to
where the system can make the most.

I should be able to find some ideal numbers with a little luck.

I know this system has hit some mild stones in performance and it has a very long way to go to chug through all the permutations of all buy and sell possibilities.

Now if I can get an 8-core to run back testing even faster and get more testing done.

The system would find those ideal points and the system would converge and go crazy buying and selling at those ideal prices.

That is where you can make a difference and make a nice profit too.

New investors get a good starting rate of return.

If my wealth grows then I will offer you more for the next level of investment up.

Your choice to invest.

Once this thing takes off this will start earn a very good rate of return for my investors.

Are you ready to find an easy way to make a great return and maybe retire early?

PS: We know the fed will print more money inflation is bound to take off
and we already see interest rates starting to move up.

Most everything will go up, but wages will be likely the last to move, with a
surplus of labor.

The fed is in a bind to pay off the debt.

Any major spike in rates will have very high cost tax payers.

Your wealth gives you your freedom.

Make the most of it.


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