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Wii Console with controllers and games.


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City:South Louisiana
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Item specifics
Condition: Manufacturer refurbished : Split the cost with friends
Seller Notes: System works Great!

Nintendo Wii

Region Code:




Bundled Items:

Extra Controller(s), Game(s), Sensor or Camera



Previous Generation Game Support:




Detailed item info

Product Description
The Nintendo Wii is a family-friendly video game console that is not only entertaining but also interactive as well. With motion-control technology, the gamer can truly interact with the game on a personal level, rather than participating as a passive player. A pioneer in interactive gaming, Nintendo has enabled its video games to be more lifelike and cooperative. 

Parts and Accessories 
All Nintendo Wii consoles come with one Wii Remote Plus controller, one Nunchuk controller for specific gaming, and a Wii Sensor bar. Up to four Wii Remote Plus controllers can be connected at once using built-in wireless technology powered by Bluetooth.. The Wii controller has a sensor on it that enables the user to select menu preferences, scroll through screens, and activate the game itself. Purchasing a Wii-enabled yoga mat or Wii Fit balance board further elevates the gaming experience. With the ability to exercise, dance, and meditate, exercise-oriented video games transform the home into a gym. The user can track his or her weight, endurance, and cyber-Wii age. Gamers can compete virtually across multiple Wii consoles, swap scores, and more. Dozens of games exist that can only operate properly with these accessories. The unit is small and compact and intended to rest on a shelf or within an entertainment unit. Weighing no more than 4 lbs, the unit can be moved from location to location easily and conveniently. Without taking too much space in any one room, the unit can easily turn a room into a party with four people playing simultaneously and engaging with the game. 

Users can create their own avatars, each known as a Mii. The Mii are cartoon characters that can be customized to look similar to the user. Adding the user’s height and weight will allow the shape of the Mii to resemble the user more closely. Adding glasses, changing outfits, and adding makeup to the Mii will further refine the image to the likeness of the user. 

Beyond the Wii 
Beyond functioning as a gaming console, the Nintendo Wii offers Internet access when connected with Wi-Fi, as well as access to Netflix for those who have a subscription. With 480p graphic quality, the Nintendo Wii console (NTSC) has a clear display. The Nintendo Wii console (NTSC) cannot play regular music CDs or DVDs, but its ability to stream Hulu bolsters its entertainment offerings. A single self-loading media bay can play either single- or double-layered 12-cm optical discs. 

Lastly, the Wii console can be used without a video game in the console. By using the Wii controller, the user can navigate to check the weather, surf the Internet, or play with the Mii avatars. As long as the unit is connected to the Internet through plug-in access or Wi-Fi, the user has unlimited options for entertainment. Downloading games to the unit’s hard drive expands the functionality. The gamer can buy additional SD cards to use with the console in order to store more games and programs. The user can remotely download video games onto the Nintendo DS from the Wii console. 

Parental Controls 
Being able to control a remote device is an added benefit for the gamer and for parents with children who use the unit. The parental controls are easy for parents to utilize and manage. Based on the ESRB rating system, parents can restrict access to various channels and limit the ability of the users to send and receive messages. Further, the protection extends to the Wii Shop Channel and can prevent the user from redeeming Wii Points. If the user or parent wants to remove the control, he or she needs to re-enter the four-digit pin and disable or alter the parental controls; however, if the pin number is forgotten, the user must enter the answer to a security question. If both the security pin and security question answer are forgotten, the user must call customer service to reset it.

Product Identifiers
Brand Nintendo
Product Name Nintendo Wii
UPC 410000233955
Product Line Nintendo Wii
Type Console
Color White
Release Date November/19/2006
Device Input Support Remote Control
Video Color Output Color
Audio Output Support Stereo
Power & Battery
Power Source Types Power Adapter - external
Depth 8.48 in.
Height 6.18 in.
Weight 2.7 lb
Width 1.73 in.
CPU IBM "Broadway" PowerPC
Technical Details
Ram Technology 1T-SRAM
Supported Media Nintendo GAMECUBE Disc, Nintendo Wii Disc
Integrated Flash Memory Capacity 512 MB
Internet Connectivity Wired, Wireless
Ram Capacity 85.9 MB
Region Code NTSC
Memory Capacity 3 MB
Input Features Motion sensor, built-in speaker, rumble feedback
Country Region
One factory refurbished WII console with storage stand. Two rechargeable controllers with One joystick. Charging unit for controllers. Power cord, sensor, and connection cables are included.  Also with this unit includes 13 games.

Wii Play(E)
Dokapon Kingdom(E)
Super Paper Mario(E)
Boom Blox(E)
Super swing golf(E)
Sonic and the secret rings(E)
Raymon raving rabbits(E)
Raymon raving rabbits 2(E)
Raymon raving rabbits TV Party (E)
Just Dance (E)
Baroque (T)
Trauma Center (T)
Unit was tested and works great. All games play. 
All items we sell are guaranteed to be as described. We can only guarantee our items to the degree that we are able to test them. No further functionality can be guaranteed. Everything that is included in the sale is described above. If there is no indication whether something is included, please do not assume it is. Feel free to ask us a question before buying

United States




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