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Drug Addiction Rehab Affordable Pet Friendly Luxurious (888) 900-4183


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Contact:California Addiction Recovery Services
Phone:(888) 900-4183
City:Palm Springs


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C.A.R.S. | California Addiction Recovery Services (888) 900-4183 of Southern California is one of the only cutting edge personalized care substance abuse addiction recovery and dual diagnosis recovery programs in the world. We only work with a few residents at a time in a luxurious private estate setting, so our staff to client ratio is two or more to one. This allows for maximum personal attention and a second to none success rate of lasting to permanent recovery.

There is no such thing as “one size fits all programs". Although symptoms may appear the same in physical loss of control or in mental and emotional pain and suffering, each person’s experience in getting there is unique. Therefore each individual must be thoroughly diagnosed medically, mentally, spiritually, and socially in order to create the most effective plan of recovery for that person. This is largely why short term treatment centers fail to produce long lasting recovery rates. Medicating and detoxing, shielding the person from temptations by locking them up and grouping them all day for 30 days is doomed to fail, especially if we are talking about a 10 to 40 year habit or illness. These assessments generally take 1 to 2 weeks and are vital if the person suffering from chronic chemical dependency or co-morbidity disorders is going to have the best chance to recover. That is why California Addiction Recovery Services has developed the "4 Phase 12 to 16 Week Plan of Recovery" (see) our website

Addiction is an illness of the Mind, the Body and the Internal or Spiritual aspect of the human being and each part of the person seeking treatment must be analyzed and discussed in order to proceed effectively and successfully. That is primarily our programs are in an upscale residential homelike setting. So that each person feels like they are at home, not in an institution. Why we allow pets, cell phones, laptops, communication with family etc. we are dealing with an illness not an anti-social moral problem.  CARS Combines the latest cutting edge Medicine Assisted Therapeutic components with the proven tried and true methods of treatment and recovery processes to combat Prescription Drugs & Narcotics Addiction, Cocaine, Meth Amphetamine, Benzodiazepine abuse, Alcoholism, Dual Diagnosis Disorders, process addictions such as gambling, sex and food dependencies, and more. What sets CARS apart from the other treatment and recovery centers? Our Cost, Our Understanding, Attention to the Client, but most of all, Our Success Rate!

We specialize in working those who have chronic relapse history, feelings of hopelessness, who just don't believe in treatment or recovery anymore, or who believe there is no cure or solution. Many of us on staff at CARS have felt the same way because we are recovered ex-problem drinkers and or drug users ourselves. We use doctors and medicine, therapy, one on one and group counseling, intense 12 step processes and groups, fitness and nutritional therapy, spa therapy and holistic medicine (massage, chiropractic medicine, acupressure, acupuncture, etc.) certified recovered staff, an upscale environment, recreation and so much more to attract those who suffer to wellness. Everything is all inclusive there are no additional costs and we currently have scholarships that can reduce the price up to 50% for those who qualify.

You can "Recover", we can help you do it. Bring your pet, laptop, cell phone whatever you need to be happy. But most of all bring your willingness to commit and do the work and we will take care of everything else. Call us today for a free confidential assessment at (888) 900-4183 we are available 24/7 to help. We hope that you do.

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