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Need help organizing the clutter


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Contact:Layla Ressler
City:Tallahassee, Fl


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Hi my name is Layla. 
I specialize in organization for extreme clutter and hoarding. 

Notice I didn't say or refer to cleaning in any way. In my opinion the word cleaning implies that someone is going to come in to your home and decide for themselves or through company policies what is trash and how things should be organized. This is why I'm not working with a company. 

Given what I believe is a unique understanding of people with clutter or hoarding issues, I have developed a system of organizing that doesn't create extra anxiety or stress. 

This is what my system entails: 
I bring 5 to 10 big plastic buckets for sorting items. I start wherever I first encounter the clutter, whether that be at the front door or in a bedroom. 

I prefer you to be there when I get started sorting for several reasons. 

1. If I have any questions as to what bucket an item should be sorted into you will be there to ask instead of setting it to the side. I understand organization is a very personal thing, what I might classify as a book you may classify as kitchen stuff because it has recipes in it. 

2. It also gives me the opportunity to get to know you, which is essential to be able to recognize how you are feeling throughout this process and to be able to adjust myself accordingly. 
Whether I need to speed up or slow down or if you are needing a 10 minute break to talk about the next section of the room that may have heavier emotional significance than what I've sorted so far. 
That is the basics of my process and procedure.

As far as price goes I charge $12.00 an hour. 

For your security as well as mine together we will come up with a way to track my time accurately. For example when I arrive I text you "I'm starting" you text me "ok" same thing for any breaks I take or when I have finshed for the day. That way we both have an exact record of my time.

Unfortunately due to a few bad experiences I have had I require that I am paid in 5 hour increments. I understand and am sorry for inconvenience this may cause.

As far as my availability goes as long as we plan a day or 2 in advance i am willing to work whenever it is convenient for you. 
If you're a night person we can sort/organize till day light same goes if you're a morning person we can sort/organize till dark.

Lastly the plastic buckets are mine however I would be more than willing to go for/with you to buy some for you to keep.

Please call or text if you have any questions or would like to set up an appointment.
Layla @ 850-405-7077 


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