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20 strands, 1' long, Hornwort, submerged aquatic for pond, aquarium


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Price:$15 plus postage


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Picked and packed fresh, direct from the grower! submerged aquatic Hornwort

- Well suited  to algae beating • Easy to keep • Widely tolerant of light and temperature range • Growing between 60°f to 90°f • Thriving in neutral to slightly alkaline waters • Very well suited to coldwater aquaria • Versatile as a pond plant


Postage:  USPS - 1-2lb weight, Priority.

20 strands, one foot long, Submerged Aquatic 'Coontail', Hornwort (Ceratophyllum demersum) First photo: an attractive versatile foliage plant for quiet shady corners, Hornwort excretes substances toxic to algae (allelopathic  behaviour) and at good growth conditions it efficiently inhibits most algae growth...  coontails is a brittle dense growing floating and submerged aquatic, very effective at 'dominating' water quality. Photographs show a 3 gallon bucket quantity and an example, single sprig of Hornwort lifted fresh from the pond in mid January

An Aquarium plant: Hornwort forms brittle stemmed attractive foliage to some 24" length, dense masses at the surface, or when anchored to form an upright growing habit, widely tolerant of a range of water and light conditions, bright light will keep it growing strong

As an aquarium plant hornwort forms quite attractive submerged and floating foliage, it does not form roots. A weight to anchor it down would be required to position it as required, fairly easy to arrange.

Three  big 'plusses' using hornwort for indoor aquaria

~  Fish do not find it tasty to eat...

~  Hornwort contributes to improved water clarity as it exudes natural substance toxic to algae, literally it keeps algae 'off' itself....

~  Particularly useful for fish rearing purposes for egg layers and live bearing fish, coping with hard water and providing effective hiding places for baby fish fry

Hornwort as a pond plant: This is one submerged aquatic better than most at coping with fish grazing, it's the last plant in a pond they will try to eat...

Hornwort grows extremely well in shady dull corner positions of the pond where little else  thrives, very effective for attracting breeding fish to lay their eggs among the dense foliage, where the fish fry's chances of survival is quite high in a shady sheltered corner of the pond.

As Winter comes, gather coontails over to the one side of the pond, coontails over  winters as tiny sprigs on the bottom of the pond, these rise in Spring and if  they can start in numbers early in the year they will quickly dominate the water surface area they cover, helping to contribute in the suppression of algae and  blanketweed

These have grown in a quiet corner of a semi shaded Carolina pond through hard freezing winters and hot Summer waters in the 80's (°f)

Please note: Among the coontails are likely to be sprigs of bladderwort, the odd water  lily seedling, four leafed clover (marsilea) duckweed and possibly azolla, these  plants tend to grow quite happy in the same pond niche alongside 'coontails'

Blooming size hardy waterlilies available

White, light pink, mid pink, hot pink, medium to large size available


Other aquatic plants available for ponds, aquariums... Tropical and hardy waterlilies • Floating plants • Various pond iris • Marginal plants


Available for dispatch as a parcel or local pickup. Over 100 pond plants available for ponds, aquariums. 

Send your pond plant wishlist by email, I'll send some links to aquatic pond plant photo galleries online

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