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A Dreamland Villa Story


The Stauder family has lived in the Dreamland Villa community for the past 18 years with a history of peace and tranquility enjoying the community activities of swimming, playing pool and ping pong and John’s restaurant.  Because of health reasons her husband bought Sandra a trike with a little motor to help her exercise.  It was very difficult for her to peddle up hill and she used the motor to keep her heart from overworking going around the neighborhood.  While Sandra is an introvert and felt uncomfortable around people she started to come out of her shell by visiting the neighbors as she rode around the neighborhood enjoying the outdoor world we all enjoy in Arizona. 


On January 30th she enjoyed her daily ride for the last time.  If you all remember January 31st was a rainey day so she did not ride that day but was looking forward to February 1st to continue her exercise program and was surprised to find her Trike was missing.  On reviewing the locked utility shed she found the back door to the shed had been damaged to allow the thieves access to STEALING the trike.  We know it had to be done in the middle of the night by people who knew there was a back door to the shed and very carefully planned the theft.  The results of this theft is Sandra can no longer exercise and at the age of 69 will have to rely on not enjoying the one thing which made her life interesting in doing exercise and meeting people.  To make matters worse we found the American Family Insurance Company will not cover this trike because it had a small motor on it which they say makes it an exception to our policy.  Needless to say we cannot afford to buy another trike on limited fixed income and it will take us about two years to save for another trike.  As you the reader knows much can happen to a 69 year old lady in two years.


If by chance this trike should be found, it is a white Miami Sun Trike with the serial number C-M08100979 with a Golden Motor electric motor kit with SLA 36V 500 W Battery.  If found please call Sandra at 480-329-8306.


To the people who took her trike, may you enjoy the use of this trike and as our good Lord said, your sin has been forgiven and may the good Lord help you find peace and honesty in the future.

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