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Spiritual Care Coordinator / Chaplain


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Responsible to the Clinical Service Director/Clinical Service Manager to  coordinate spiritual support to patients, families, caregivers and hospice staff. Implements and coordinates all activities relating to the spiritual aspect of the hospice program.

**_General Responsibilities:_**

* Provides or coordinates spiritual support to patients, families and caregivers.
* Contacts patient/family clergy or spiritual representative when appropriate.
* Conducts funeral services when requested by the patient’s family.
* Assists with bereavement follow-up service as appropriate.
* Participates in on-call counseling services when required. This may require some 2nd shift work
* Provides spiritual support to the hospice staff and volunteers.
Submits paperwork in a timely manner to update and maintain patient hospice medical records.
*  Prepares reports for the Clinical Services Director as required. Adheres to the time specifications of 80% direct/15%travel/5%administrative
Participates in regularly scheduled Family Support Team meetings to coordinate the spiritual care of the patient/family, exchange information and problem solve, and receive staff support and education.
* Participates in agency quality improvement programs.
* Participates in Hospice programs providing orientation, training, and in-service.
* Provides programs to the community on hospice and related issues of loss.
* Provides timely assessment of all hospice patients as requested by family support team.
* Serves as an active member of the sales team.
* Adheres to established company policies.
* Accepts other assignments deemed appropriate
* Develops and maintains relationships with local spiritual leaders

* **Education***
Graduate of an accredited School of Theology and is ordained as a minister or has completed a minimum of one (1) unit of clinical pastoral education or has the equivalent pastoral experience or as required by state specific guidelines.
Demonstrated experience working with patients and families coping with terminal illness and death.

Excellent communication skills, both verbal and written.

Certificate in Pastoral Education.
* **Experience***
** **

Experience in providing a non-denominational approach to pastoral care.
**_Physical Demands_**
Lifting 50 pounds maximum with frequent lifting and/or carrying of objects weighing up to 25 pounds; Walking, standing, talking, hearing, pushing, reaching, seeing, stooping, smelling.
Necessary on a daily basis.
**_Working Conditions_**

** **

Exposure to disagreeable conditions including odors, infection, illness, and physical contact with disruptive patients.
**_Principal Contacts_**
Hospice staff, patients, families, physicians, community health care providers, the community and spiritual provider.
**_General Requirements_**

** **

Must be able to execute all terms and conditions set forth in _The Company Employee Handbook,_ including but not limited to:
a. Works in a safety-conscious manner, which ensures that safe work practices are used in order not to pose a risk to self or others in the workplace.

b. Complies with company policies and procedures and local, state and federal regulations.

c. Adheres to policy on Drug Free Workplace.

d. Interacts in tactful, diplomatic, and humanistic manner with patients, families, visitors and co-workers to provide a safe, efficient, and therapeutically

effective caring environment which ensures the self-respect, personal dignity, rights and physical safety of each patient.

e. Maintains a dependable attendance record and adheres to standards of cleanliness, grooming, hygiene, and dress code.

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