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Live Rent-Free as a Personal Care Attendant in the Edinboro Area.


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I am a 45-year-old disabled male, my disability is Cerebral Palsy. I am looking for a Long Term Live-In Personal Care Attendant to live in my home in Edinboro. In exchange for not paying rent, my roommate would need to help me out with a variety of activities. My roommate would have their own furnished private bedroom and bathroom. They get full privileges with the living area, kitchen, and amenities.
I have attendants that work with me during the day all week long. This would be time off for the live-in to do with as they please. In some cases there may be times when my caregivers are unavailable to be here for one reason or another, so in those cases I would need you to be available to fill in for them. This may or may not be something that I can give you advanced notice about, not that it happens often but it does happen occasionally. The most critical help I need is to go to bed every night. That means my roommate must be free of obligations most nights around bedtime, there may be needs thrughout the night that I am not able to forsee so the live in roomate needs to be available. Besides helping me to bed, my roommate needs to help maintain the household. This includes but is not limited to light housekeeping, my during the day caregivers clean up after their care-giving activities. My roommate will need to assist with grocery shopping every couple of weeks or as needed, yard work, and assist with taking care of Mocha. These activities can be worked into her schedule when it's convenient for her. She will also be responsible for maintaining her own living area, including keeping after her own room, doing her own dishes and laundry, and assisting with keeping the house bathroom tidy. I have my own bathroom, the only reason any one else should be in my bathroom would be to assist me or to personally take a shower themselves. With good communication between my roommate and myself I feel we can have a good working relationship and help each other out. I am flexible, but certain things are to be done certain ways. I get to go to bed and the other person has housing provided to them.
There are a few minor details to discuss about the rooming part of our agreement. I ask you to please not eat or drink in the bedroom, for a couple of reasons, The dog knows how to open doors and she will find any food and could get sick, and I want to avoid getting any unwanted visitors. Also, due to the being able to open doors , this means that all exterior doors are to be locked at all times.
That's the essence of the arrangement. There are other details but it would be best to discuss them rather than trying to write them all here.

Please note that there are a few things I won't be able to be flexible on, they are listed below.
Must pass PA background checks.
Must be comfortable around a dog.
Must be 18 years of age or older.
Thank you for your time, consideration, and cooperation.
There is to be no smoking in the house. Ciggerette butts are to be put in the garbage or in the road.

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