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javascript:void(0); I want you to know that one of my big dreams has always been to meet & fall in love with a beautiful & sexy, under 47 woman,No one under 21, but Never Black, or over weight Women, or men  ever !!! A real woman not a porn site promoter, one that can handle real love & wants a family !!! I am on this site, not to play games, but to find ever lasting love with the one, who wants all the love I have to give her, will give all her love to only me, and our kids of course. Will never cheat, as I never will, is not afraid to show lots of affection in public!! When I find myself in a good relationship I tend to be very sexual & know how to use my Tongue on her Sweet spot, not in an annoying way, but in one that shows how happy I am to have her in my life, and only when we are alone, to please her often, yes I am D &D Free &she must be D & D Free also ! Are you ready for a lifetime of love, want to receive &return all the Love & Affection I have to shower upon her daily? I know that sex is not the only part of a lasting relationship, but it does make it real fun, and I wanted to be upfront, and let you know that I am very lonely & will not play any games !!

So, if this is you &you feel the same way, please write back, send some sexy photos of yourself, tell me what your desires are, and let's start planning our future together? I am also a published Poet, and have a degree in pro. photography. So I hope you like to smile? OK, let's face it, Sex can be great with someone you love, and that is what we are talking about. Love is what fills your stomach with Butterflies, your heart with warmth, and puts a smile on your face!!   Love is what completes our lives, that which we seek in each other, that which we wish to share together, to show the rest of the world we share in each other, but Sex is the awesome part that we want to share in an intimate moment alone together, to connect our souls?

Yes, I am interested in lasting true love, that could lead to forever. In all honesty, I'm not looking to send emails for a month to get to know each other. Yes a couple of emails are fine, but I am looking to meet in person very soon, to see if we can connect, because I am tired of being lonely, and not looking for a long distance relationship, that stays that way for a time, without any intimacy. I want & need lots of Love now, and I'm looking for a woman nearby to share many hot nights with, very soon !!!!

Take care, be safe & stay Sexy !!!
email -

yahoo IM - flash92465

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