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Christmas mini pet rocks and carrier case!. What a gift for all ages includes box with breathing holes


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Price:7 + ship


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Rock rocks and rock boxes a popular gift from the 70s. They are here. Check these new Seasonal greatings out! A Gag gift for everyone loves. The pet rocks are back !!

Pet rock throwbacks for sale exotic pet for everyone !!

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Great rock climbing party gifts. A Gag gift for everyone loves. The pet rocks are back !!

 Just like other pets, pet rocks like to go for exercise walks. Walking leashes are available. Be sure not to drown your pet rock.Watch out for puddles !!

Pet Rock for Sale (Original pet shop style) Great Gag Gift Gag Gift for Men !!!! Justins  Favorite Pet !!! Great Gag Gift On Ebay Pet Rock for Sale (Original pet shop style)

Pet Rock for Sale (Original pet shop style) Great Gag Gift. Gag Gift for All Ages !!!!

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Read what people are saying. Its funny!!

Write what you like to say. Love your comments.

Watch a funny video on pet rocks

The 70's are back in fashion, music, style, collectibles, and rocks for pets. The Pet Rock is a whimsical cornerstone of that revival. Forget the hassles of a dog or a cat. Own the only mineral proven to make you feel loved. Also, Check out the Christmas pet rock! For a great stocking stuffer or gag gift, pick up a few Pet Rocks today. BUY NOW ! PAYPAL SAFE! Pet Rock Throwback $3.95+ Shipping Meta tags:Top Christmas Gifts 2011 for Mom or Boyfriend - Official Pet Rock Throwback gifts, holiday gifts ,gift ideas, shop for Birthday gifts, gifts, baby gift, Best gift ideas, best gifts,boys gift,cool gifts, gift ideas, gifts for her, gifts for him, girls gift, shopping, toddler gift, top gifts, toys, xmas. Antiques Collectibles, Art Books ,Business ,Clothing, Fashion ,Computers, Kitchen ,Movies ,Music ,TV, Musical, Home Phones, Cameras, Electronics, Food, Car, Tobacco ,Health, Beauty ,Home, Garden, Jewelry, Watches ,Sporting Goods, Sports, Memorabilia ,Tickets, Toys, Hobbies ,Travel ,Video Games, Pets, Animals, Funny gifts, popular gag gifts, worlds greatest gag gifts, weird gag gift ’ gadgets, gift ideas for men , best kids toy 2011 ,popular toys, toys for kids, NFL Vending Sticker, NFL Vending Toys, Birthday gift for mom , Birthday gift for her, Birthday gift for him, Birthday gift for dad, Birthday gift for men, Birthday gift for girls, Birthday gift baskets, Birthday gift for girlfriend, toys for tots, hot toys ,Buy toys, toy store, best toys, classic toys, toddler toys, Toys, Barbie, Dolls, bakugan, Puzzles, Action Figures



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