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Residential and Commercial Movers in Calgary

ShaanMovers is a moving company that accommodates all the moving possibilities every individual have. Our Movers in Calgary are trained professionals that accommodate the client with friendly, happy and positive approaches. We have high-tech equipment available for your convenience, like cartoons, mattresses, furniture blankets and cover, floor runner, rubber bands, cargo control, corrugated single face rolls, packaging materials, labels etc.

Boxing and unboxing

No matter how big of a move it is, it still comes with a strain of packing and unpacking. But if you give ShaanMovers a call, your packing, transporting and unpacking needs can be all taken care of. It will be a smoother and the best transition ever. You can just wait and watch us do the work.

We will take the stuff away if you don’t need that anymore, we will take and dump it for no extra charge. We focus on one room at a time so its easier for everybody to move and you get it all the same way you had in the old location.

When taking apart items to be moved, such as tabled, we make sure that all screws and other small parts don’t get lost or confused in the move. We store them securely in bags or boxes and take them all together so we know where the parts came from. We make sure that everything is labelled or color coded to prevent confusion.

Residential moving

A residential moving is not just complicated but also a huge ball of stress . What will make it easier is to use ShaanMovers who are very professional, experienced and motivated. We not only have the man power but can also move specialty items such as cars, boats, pianos, etc.

Call us now to get a quote. We will come look at the items and will give you the exact price, there will never be any hidden charges. We will also help you pack and unpack if that is what you decide to entail in your move.

We don’t charge anything extra to deal with the repercussions of harsh weather like most other moving companies. We also provide insurance so you get guaranteed compensation in case anything gets damaged or broken.

Commercial / office moving

Hiring commercial moving service to move your office may be one of the best decisions you make. Not only does this process maximize the amount of time you have to handle the tasks you need to do during the move, but it also can minimize risks associated with loss. ShaanMovers will minimize your downtime by getting work done in timely and efficient manner.

Unlike other companies, we have the capability to handle sensitive information carefully, stuff like office files and folders, hard drives, computers, servers, etc can be moved safely and securely. We run background checks on all our employees and have ample trust in them.

We will fully plan out the move before it takes place so save time and get work done sooner. We will build floor or building designs if needed.

Garbage removal

Do you have old furniture or equipment you wish to get rid of? Had redecoration and got tons of garbage?

Not a problem, ShaanMovers will remove the used stuff and garbage with no extra disposal fee. We provide exclusive service of garbage removal, for the same low cost. No need to overpay to special services anymore. We don’t charge high prices as most other dumping companies. Why dump the stuff in your vehicle, We got a big 5-ton truck and will take it all in just single round. Just let us know, Give us a call to schedule time.

We make sure we dispose the harmful or recyclable items such as batteries, electronics or other harmful items. You don’t need to worry about them, we will handle it all for you, leaving you worry free.

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