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Preparation And Moving Day Checklist For Your Pets


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Contact:Mary Ellen Vanaken


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Preparation And Moving Day Checklist For Your Pets

The Mary Ellen Vanaken Team of Keller Williams Realty 678-665-2887

Having a preparation and moving day checklist for your pets can care for your pets in the best possible way during this stressful time. Here a some suggestions to assist you.

Pet Identification: Pet collars and identification tags need to be labeled with current contact information. Include destination location, telephone number, and cell phone number. 

Pet Records: Keep on hand a current copy of pet’s vaccinations, list of medications, health certificates, medical history and current vets phone number. 

Medications/Food: Have at least one week’s worth of food and medication on hand. Order an extra prescription refill.  Purchase an extra supply of food in case you can't find the food in your new area. 

Privacy For Pet:  Keep your pet in a secluded, safe, quiet, well-ventilated place, such as the bathroom, on moving day. They will be nervous with all the activity. 

Pet First Aid Kit: Include veterinarian's phone number, gauze to wrap wounds or to muzzle your pet, adhesive tape for bandages, non-stick bandages, towels, and hydrogen peroxide (3 percent).

Car Safety: Travel with dogs in a crate; cats in a well-ventilated carrier. Secure the crate or carrier with a seat belt and provide pet with familiar toys. Plan ahead by searching for pet-friendly hotels.Keep on hand plenty of kitty litter and plastic bags, and keep your pet on regular diet and eating schedule.
Air Travel: Check about any pet requirements or restrictions. Some airlines will allow pets in the cabin, depending on the animal’s size. If so, purchase a special airline crate for under the seat in front of you. If traveling is stressful for your pet, ask your vet about ways to reduce their stress.  

Find New Vet:  Ask your vet to recommend a doctor in your new locale.  Choosing a new veterinary should include asking for a tour of the facility.  Ask if there are any local health concerns such as heartworm or Lyme disease, or any vaccinations or medications your pet may require.

New Home Prep: Immediately upon arrival set out all the familiar things your pet will need: food, water, medications, bed, litter box, toys, etc. Keep all windows and doors closed when your pet is unsupervised.


Keep Schedule: Feed and walk your pet at the same time that you normally would.

Get To New Home Before Pet: Inspect your home for anything that could harm your pet.
Release Your Pet: Be sure all doors and windows are closed as your pet explores the new house.

Familiar Items: Put out the pets familiar toys, bowels and bedding.

Play: Give your pet some time with you to make them feel at home.

ID Tags: Update ID tags and microchips.

New Yard: Be sure it's dog and cat proof and that fence is secure.

Cats: Keep outdoor cats inside for a few nights to they get accustomed to new home.

For more tips on moving contact The Mary Ellen Vanaken Team of Keller Williams Realty 678-665-2887. 

Preparation And Moving Day Checklist For Your Pets

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