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If you own a tube amp or want to buy one, you won't want to miss this!


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City:West Paterson


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TUBE AMP TECHNOLOGY® - How to get the most out of your tube amp.

Does your tube amp sound duller than normal? Have you ever considered changing tubes to get a different tone? Want to learn the correct way to clean your tube amp safely and effectively? Do you know the difference between pre-amp tubes, power amp tubes or tube placement? Do you know how to bias your amp?

Join us for this seminar to learn what you can do to make your tube amp sound better than ever.

Learning the difference between Class A and Class A/B tube amplification or about the different types of tubes and tube placement can be very valuable if you own a tube amp or plan on purchasing one. There are many different ways to tailor your amp to get just the tone you are looking for.

Topics that will be discussed during our class:
Parts of a tube amplifier

Types of tubes and tube placement

Tube matching and maintenance

Safety and cleaning your amp

Speakers and speaker cabinets


. . .and much more.

Read what others have said:

"The class was great!! Thanks again for all the info and I really enjoyed the class. What's next? =)" - Rolando M.

"Great first class. Worth the trip just to find out (which) tube informs your tone more than any other preamp tube and I learned a lot more than that. Definitely worth the trip." - Mishka S.

"Enjoyed last night. Thanks, learned a lot." - Alex K.

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Check our link for our new date!
Check our link for the time in your area. (Clinics generally last about 2-3 hours)
Check our link for a class near you!
$34.99 if you pre-register
$44.99 at the door
*all payments are non-refundable*
Visit now to register!

Classes are limited and registration is on a first come first served basis.  Be sure to register in advance to save you spot.

Get to know tube amp technology so you can save money on repairs and get just the tone you are looking for.

Our class instructor is an accomplished audio engineer and has recently returned to the Northeast after spending the last three years working in Southern California with Rivera Amplification, Center Staging and as an amplifier technician and guitar system designer for artists including Korn and Hed Pe. He has a bachelors degree in music business and an associated degree in audio engineering and has spent many years working with musicians to achieve their perfect tone.

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