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Document Scanning | Custom Solutions for anyone

Contact us for an estimate or 818-804-1758 - we help any company even if you don't have one.

Do You Need a Custom Solution For Your Company's Scanning, Copying, Or Document Imaging Needs In Southern California? Let Access Help.

Because Access Document Scanning Services possess both the cutting-edge technology and expertise for even the most complex and demanding document imaging, no project is too large or difficult. If you need a custom solution, we're able to deliver it on-time and on-budget

Nowadays more and more people are thinking digital, convert your important documents into digital will save you time, money and give you efficiency, so if you don't have a particular office or just want to keep your personals documents safe you are in the right place, we will help you in your needs.


What kind of business uses document scanning services?

Weather you are not a lawyer, construction contractor, doctor, etc. you may need to digitize your important files for future retrieval. There are many benefits that your business could receive when digitizing such as:

  • Save space
  • Prevents lost records
  • Saves storage space
  • Manages records easily
  • Risk-free natural disaster
  • Finds documents quickly
  • Eliminates need for file cabinets
  • Makes images centrally available
  • save on storage your hard documents

Reducing Paper Storage Costs

Because legal work resides on paper, storage cost is a major expense for most law firms. The problem is compounded because of the copy machine. Firms not only file and store originals of documents, they file and store copies of documents, and the cost of storing this information continues long after the useful life of the paper file.

In case of disaster

Paper documents stored in file cabinets are susceptible to fire and flood. You cannot recover a paper document that has been destroyed by a fire or a flood. But the problem goes beyond your paper files. Electronic documents stored on workstations and servers across your operation are equally vulnerable to catastrophic loss.

In the event of a disaster, the goal is to be able to quickly procure a temporary office, install computer systems and restore all required documents and information that enables a business to function. The biggest differentiator between a backup plan and a disaster recovery plan is maintaining a copy of your critical documents in an off?site location.


Our goal is to serve our clients with high quality of professionalism and competitive prices.


Access Document Scanning Services Los Angeles is a full service record retrieval company based in San Fernando Valley provides flexible on-site document scanning servicesoff-site document scanning services , document duplication services and copying hard copy documents, with an integration and utilization of information management systems, print/copy services. Our proven solutions are designed to provide clients with high quality of efficiency and extremely compromise to ensure costumer satisfaction.

Our services allow our costumers to solve their time sensitive document needs in electronic and paper formats while ensuring the highest quality and security standards.


Coverage - Access Document Scanning Services is able to provide you with immediate coverage over the entire Southern California area. This would include the following counties: Los Angeles county, San Bernardino county, Orange county, Riverside, San Diego county, Santa Barbara county, Ventura County San Fernando Valley , Santa Clarita, Palmdale, Lancaster, Oxnard and much more.

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