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Document Scanning Santa Monica


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Document Scanning Santa Monica

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Business owners with extensive paper-based filing systems are being encourage to take their paper documents and scan into PDF with OCR in order to convert their filing systems to digital. Read what PDFs and OCRs are all about here:

If you’re a non-tech savvy business owner, then you already know that the business technology community is more than happy to float acronyms by you all day, to which you know nothing about. When it comes to converting paper documents and files to digital, you’re bound to see two acronyms come up quite often in the conversation: PDF and OCR.

Different types of PDF's:

  • PDF with OCR - OCR stands for Optical Character Recognition and helps you find exact words, phrases and more.
  • PDF with Encryption - By protecting your PDF with a password, certificate, etc. your file can not be opened, unless with the credentials used.

What Is PDF?

Of the two, you’re more likely to be familiar with “PDF.” The .pdf file extension stands for “Portable Document Format.” Simply put, it is an efficient, photo-like file format that tech giant Adobe developed in order to allow users to send high-quality rendered documents in a small, compressed format.

For example, the word processor file I am typing this article in is currently 160 KB in size. However, if I save the same document as a .pdf, it is only 48 KB. That’s quite a reduction in file size!

Because of this, the .pdf is an ideal way to store paper records, since they take up very little disk space. However, with a .pdf, you lose the formatted information that you have with, say, a Microsoft Word document file. There is the ability to fill in some .pdf files – such as what the IRS offers with its online tax forms – but for the most part, users lose control over the editing of documents, as well as the ability to transfer data from a .pdf into a digital database.

This is where being able to scan into PDF with OCR comes into play.

What Is OCR?

“OCR” stands for “Optical Character Recognition.” It represents a new generation of intuitive document-related programs that allow the data on a paper document or file to be translated into digital information.

For as much as it would seem that OCR is a highly advanced form of technology, the first OCR machine was built as far back as 1914, and since that time, leading technology pioneers have continued to work with the concept of being able to transfer handwritten or machine-printed paper documents into digital data.

At present, OCR business solutions exist in two realms: WebOCR and OnlineOCR solutions, which utilize multi-platforms such as PC +Web-based+ Cloud Computing + Mobile devices, and Application-Oriented OCR, which ,according to Wikipedia, “combine various optimization methods related to the special image, such as business rules, standard expression, glossary or dictionary and rich information contained in color images, to improve the recognition accuracy.”

Chances are, your business will ultimately need to scan into PDF with OCR, in order to make the transfer process worthwhile. A basic .pdf, after all, is nothing more than a picture of a document. Without having the robust features of an OCR to add the data of a paper document into your database, all you will have is a digital repository of .pdf documents that, with the exception of their file names, will not be searchable or editable.

The list of OCR business solutions is now extensive. However, if you are looking to scan into PDF with OCR, it is best to rely on scanning services specialists.

Thanks for reading our article! Did you know that Access Scanning is a leading scanning services provider in southern California? Leave it to us to scan your documents into PDF with the right OCR solution that will give you the most accurate data. Take a look at what Access Scanning has to offer!

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