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Dear Reader ( Chicago ) or pen pal ?


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Dear Reader,
Thank you in advance for reading, and not judging me I hope. You see I am a married male average looking, and average height with sad to say with this new economy a lesser then average job. That being said I never though I would be here, but here I am. My wife well bottom line has lost her love for me in every way possible, and has now made it her life's work to make every waking moment I live one of pure hell. No sex as long as I can recall, no holding hands, no conversation unless she wants to take her day out on me. Even though I have a daughter whom I adore, and as hard as it was I asked her for a divorce all she said was no, and when the time comes she will wipe the floor with me, and she could he family always treated her special, and she has grown into a spoiled brat/person. I am stuck until I win the lottery . If your still reading your asking your self why is this idiot spilling his guts out on line. I will tell you. My really hope is you the reader are or have been threw the same thing, and come here to look around or maybe to get a laugh. For me I am looking for a friend perhaps leading to a close special friendship. Perhaps you like me, can not leave your situation , but need a companion in your life to fill all the voids that were once there, or your just tired of being treated like a no body in your own home. Let me be further honest you the reader have to admit there are many things that make up a friendship, Attraction , both mental, and physical I am looking for that. I am also looking for a woman who understands I am not a man with any wealth which means if you decide we can be friends there are times we go dutch. I work 2 jobs at a low wage , and no benefits so things are tight. I want someone who can hold a conversation along with holding hands to express feelings. Someone who can give a little time each week to get together weather for a drink or a walk. That being said I am sure you have pictured in your head ever since you have been attracted to the opposite sex what you like, as do I. I like someone who is H.W.P , Genuine, looks nice meaning you take care of your self. You like both dressing up, or hanging in sweat pants. Your willing to take the time to know a person beyond first impressions . Now about me before you write I am 50 years old , look 40 on a good day ( LOL ) 5 Feet five inches, a little stomach full head of hair, and big brown eyes I also have tattoos . I am not per se a ladies man but I have been told I am not bad on the eyes. I am also passionate about many things from conversation to sex, as well as being open minded to anything from food to ? I am sure there is so much more I can say , but I want to save that for that special someone who will give me a chance to be her friend, and take it slow, and discreet. After all I am stuck, and I will not take you away from your life. 
2 things if your interested in knowing please no pictures at this time, we can only e mail thru here for now, and last change the subject line to the number " 18 " which is a lucky number for me. Very last thing feel free to ask me anything you want I will be up front, I am real, I am serious. Please you be the same. Thank you dear reader , and I hope to hear from you soon.

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