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Buried in Your Covina House payment? Short Sale or Stay Calculator here


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909-234-2711  Covina-California Short Sale Specialist E. Rick Feldman

Buried in Your Covina House payment?

There are times when tough questions deserve an honest answer.  A question homeowners like yourself are asking every day is, â€œDo I short sale my home or stay and tough it out?† Either way, to make the best decision, you should have all of the information in front of you.





909-234-2711  Inland Empire Short Sale Specialist

GET INSTANT RESULTS-Use our Short Sale Calculator to determine if you should....


Take a few moments now and use our Short Sale Calculator .


Being able to see the current market value of your home and projecting when your investment will break-even and become an asset again is invaluable to your decision making process.

With the Short or Stay Calculator you’ll be able to do so in a matter of minutes.


When you visit our site you will be asked:


 Step 1: Your Property Information â€“ enter your property’s address information.

Step 2: Your Mortgage â€“ provide some basic mortgage information such as your balance and interest rate. 

                                               NOTE:  Your information is closely guarded and never sold.                          

Step 3: Your Information â€“ supply your email address to receive an email that has your Short or Stay Calculator results.


That’s it.  It’s that simple!



                                Covina-California Short Sale Specialist E. Rick Feldman


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Real Estate Trading Co.


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