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The Real Estate Virtual Tour: Selling your home in the 21st Century


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Contact:Francisco Orchilles
City:Orlando, Fl


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Selling a home in Orlando requires knowledge about the real estate market in Central Florida and the know-how when it comes to marketing a property correctly. Part of this marketing process is the virtual tour.


Virtual tours are crucial in the home selling process, especially when selling a home in an area like Orlando. It gives the property that is being sold a level of exposure that is a must have in today’s real estate market.


Virtual Tour - Key to Selling a Home 2

My clients know how hard I strive to make every one of their home showings count. I know that their time is valuable, so making sure that only qualified buyers are walking through their doors for each showing helps the home selling process move along as smoothly as possible. This is why creating a virtual tour is so invaluable.


The National Association of Realtors said that 90% of home buyer’s last year first started their home search online. This number is huge! Because this number is so large, an Orlando virtual tour is a must have in any home seller’s marketing plan.


A virtual tour gives the potential buyer an opportunity to look inside of a home without actually having to step inside. The virtual tour can be a very complicated production, or it can be as simple as a picture slide show. The more elaborate the virtual tour when selling a home, the more qualified the potential buyers that will show up to actually see the home in person.


When a virtual tour in Orlando works effectively, it increases the number of in-the-flesh showings. It also eliminates the buyers who are least likely to make an offer.


For example, suppose a buyer clicks on your virtual tour and discovers that the home’s layout is not what they are looking for. Still images may not be able to convey this message to the potential buyer, but the video in the virtual tour can!  Any buyer who has his or her heart set on a different layout of the home for sale will decide against scheduling a showing. This isn’t a bad thing — that’s a buyer who would have passed on the home after seeing it in person. It would have wasted the home seller’s time. Yet, since a virtual tour showcases the home’s best features, the odds are high that a potential buyer will want to tour the home in person if that particular layout is appealing to them.


When creating a virtual tour, it is crucial that the result is professional and clear. Let me reiterate… it absolutely, unquestionably must look professional. The video must showcase the home’s strengths and minimize its weaknesses for the virtual tour to be successful. This takes a pro.


The internet has changed the way everyone shops for homes. To harness the power of your home’s online real estate listing, get an evaluation of your home’s value first.



Francisco Orchilles, Realtor | Dr. Phillips Real Estate Specialist | The Orchilles Realty Group | Keller Williams Classic Realty | |


About Francisco Orchilles

Francisco is a Realtor® who specializes in Short Sales and First Time Sellers with Keller Williams Classic Realty in Orlando, FL. Find Frank on Trulia and Zillow!

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