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What costs is the seller responsible when selling a home in Orlando, FL? | Dr. Phillips Real Estate Specialist


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Contact:Francisco Orchilles
City:Orlando, Fl


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Selling a home in Orlando, and even in the surrounding Central Florida communities, raises the question, "What is it going to cost to sell my home?"


What costs the seller of a home is responsible can vary from region to region in a real estate transaction. As a specialist in Dr. Phillips real estate, I abide by the standard "rules" of the Central Florida region.

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Apart from making sure that a property is ready to be shown to the public, a home seller must factor several other costs when considering selling a home in Orlando. Below is a list of these costs, and an explanation of what is included when the money is shelled out.

  • Real Estate Commission: This will, more than likely, be the home owner’s biggest expenses when selling their home. Sometimes sellers try and market the property on their own in order to save the listing agent’s commission, but for an agent to bring a buyer to see the home, the seller will have to consider paying the buyer’s agent for their time and efforts. When a listing agent is paid a commission,
    they are being paid to market the home so effectively that it receives the offer possible for the current market conditions.
  • Documentary Stamps on the Deed: This is a tax imposed by the state of Florida, every time a piece of real estate transfers ownership. In Central Florida, this closing cost becomes the seller's responsibility by default. Sometimes when a buyer is purchasing a bank owned or REO property, the seller will not include the deed documentary stamps as part of the contract, making them the buyer's responsibility.
  • Owner's Title Insurance Policy: It is customary for the home seller to cover the cost of the buyer's title insurance policy, if the seller chooses the title company that will be facilitating the closing. The seller is NOT responsible for paying the lender's title insurance policy, regardless of whether or not they choose the title company.
  • Title Work Fees: If the seller wants to choose the closing company in the transaction, they will also be responsible for the title servicing and search fees involved in the transaction.
  • Property Taxes: The seller will be responsible for paying property taxes from January 1st until day before the transaction closes.

To make a listing more attractive, a home owner in Orlando may consider giving an extra contribution towards the buyer's closing costs as part of the sale. This will help minimize the amount of cash that a buyer will have to bring to the closing table and often requires a minimal percentage of the purchase price. Different loans have different qualification guidelines, however, so a seller must be aware of what type of loan a buyer is using.


Selling a home in Central Florida can be a daunting task without the help of a professional. For more information, contact us at 407-925-4552, or you can find your homes' value using our free home evaluation.


Francisco Orchilles, Realtor | Dr. Phillips Real Estate Specialist | The Orchilles Realty Group | Keller Williams Classic Realty | |


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Francisco is a Realtor® who specializes in Dr. Phillips Real Estate with Keller Williams Classic Realty in Orlando, FL. Find Francisco on Trulia and Zillow!


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