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PT Cook


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PT Cook
Cedar Rapids,IA
Position Title: Cook I Position

Summary: Describe the positions purpose and overall role in the organization. Identify major job objectives and initiatives.

•Prepares and cooks to order foods requiring short preparation time.

•Reads food order or receives verbal instructions on food required by patron, and prepares and cooks food according to instructions.

•Typically, performs fast food cooking duties in preparing food items to be served to customers.

•Provides the highest quality of service to customers at all times.

•Follows basic recipes and/or product directions for preparing, seasoning, cooking, tasting, carving and serving soups, meats, vegetables, desserts and other foodstuffs for consumption in eating establishments.

•Prepares foods by operating a variety of kitchen equipment to measure and mix ingredients, washing, peeling, cutting and shredding fruits and vegetables, and trimming and cutting meat, poultry or fish for culinary use.

•Tastes products, reads menus, estimates food requirements, checks production, and keeps records in order to accurately plan production requirements and requisition supplies and equipment.

•May select recipes per menu cycle, prepare bakery items, receive inventory, move and lift foodstuffs and supplies and prepare meals for customers requiring special diets.

•May clean and sanitize work stations and equipment and must follow all Sodexho, client and regulatory rules and procedures.

Typical Knowledge and Skills: Identify the qualifications to competently perform the job. List any language(s), software or registrations required to perform this job. Please describe the typical writing, speaking and presentation skills required for this job and identify the audience.

Applies basic skills and may develop skills appropriate for the position. Focuses primarily on own area of specialty. Good working knowledge of food preparation. Requires familiarity of kitchen equipment. Typically requires limited cooking experience.

Typical Requirements:

• Education or Equivalent Experience: High School diploma or GED or equivalent experience.

• Supervisor/Managerial Experience: None

• Function Specific Experience: 0 - 2 years of related work experience.

• Certification Requirements: None

Supervision: Identify the level of supervision received and provided.

Supervision Received: Supervisor provides close supervision involving detailed instructions and constant checking on work performance.

Supervision Provided: None.

Working Conditions: Describe the physical environment in which the job works and any special physical qualifications required (safety hazards, visual/hearing acuity or unusual conditions).

Work is performed in an area that is adequately lighted and ventilated. Works in a kitchen environment.

Physical Demands: Specific physical characteristics and abilities are required to perform the work, such as agility, dexterity and long periods of walking, standing, bending, carrying or lifting supplies and equipment weighing 50 pounds or more.

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