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City:Columbus, Ga
Square ft:1800
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I am a high school math teacher and grad student. My wife is a college student. We have a very sweet doberman that is extremely smart and non-destructive (has not torn one thing up since we have had him as a puppy). My wife and I enjoy going to church, walking and jogging at the park, and occasionally vegging out on the couch while watching a movie or gaming. Because we are both in school, we will be very busy studying and researching. Our house is an 1800 sq ft 3 bedroom and 2 bath house. The room that is up for rent is the second largest bedroom in the house (it is pretty good size). The exact size of the room is 13ft x 12ft = 156 sq ft. The bathroom up for rent will be shared by one other roommate who is a 25 year old male grad student. The bathroom is a full bathroom with a tub/shower, cabinets, full vanity, and overhead fan. The house has two living rooms with entertainment centers in both, my wife and I occupy one most of our awake time. The house has wrought iron security bars to make you feel secure when here and not here (also a 110 lb doberman to take on walks). There is a lake right up the street from our house, a great place to find solitude while living in the city. We have a workout center in the sunroom. We have high-speed internet, but no cable or phone (it is ran to each room and you can purchase if wanted). We have netflix and will allow our roommate to share (meaning stream in their room). We have a bed to loan if needed. We are looking for a roommate that respects our privacy as we will respect theirs. We want someone who is completely honest with what they are doing (meaning not sneaking to do drugs in the sunroom while we are at work etc). We would prefer someone who rarely had overnight guests. We would like a roommate who goes to bed between 10pm and 12 midnight (or at least quiet so that we can go to sleep and stay asleep). We would also like someone who is not only clean, but also has good to great hygiene. If you have a dog, then please describe your pet to us: breed, age, gender, behaviour, etc.

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