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We offer custom dissertation writing services for UK MBA and MSc courses


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Dissertations are the part you counted on all through your course and you will spend more time       composing it than any other assignment or project. Particular attention is to be given while writing a dissertation, as research being the most important feature of any dissertation. We Prof.Prakash Bhosale understand the need of a professional team of writers to take utmost care of writing high quality dissertation papers.

 Prof.Prakash Bhosale continues to set a quality standard for affordable, high-quality writing services for dissertations over the last decade. Thousands of UK and US students approached us and received superb quality theses and dissertations which always measured up to their expectations.

The universities anticipate very unique styles of writing from students in various disciplines of study, for example ranging from science students to trainee actors. Tutors are always on the search for firms who undertake writing tasks that fuels their enthusiasm and result in their ability to swiftly locate a poorly written thesis report. It is imperative to begin early while involving in writing a dissertation topic in order to ensure effective time management. To begin work quickly is helpful for confirming that all aspects of a research are covered and that the project creates a positive mindset that it possesses vast useful information.

We provide dissertation , project, assignment writing services for :- MBA, MMS, PGDM ,PhD (Graduation & PG) in any specialization like Marketing, Finance, HR, Operations, Hotel & Tourism, Hospital Management, Information Technology-IT etc. We can help right from selection of project title, developing of synopsis/project proposal, complete data collection, drafting, editing & cross checking of project. I can help you at any stage of project preparation. Student should contact me with details like Name, Email id, Phone no, Course name, specialization, project title, number of pages/word count required for project and project format if any, delivery date of project etc.

Our Process     

Step 1) Selection of topic

Step 2) Group discussion / conference call with in our team of professors & writers.

Step 3) Preparation of Synopsis/ proposal

Step 4) Main Project Starts- Literature & data collection from university library, journals Step 5) Drafting of project, titling, subtitling, indexing

Step 6) Final proof reading, spell & grammar checking, data analysis & cross checking.

Step 7) Pagination, paragraphing, image & table placing, font & formatting

Step 8) After receiving ok from guide/ you , work on plagiarism testing

Step 9) Corrections if any, based on students/guides feedback & final delivery

Time :- I can exactly say after viewing guidelines .

Virtual Support to MBA Distance Learning:

Are you working professional? Are you doing Distance MBA?

But not getting time to study because of hectic work schedule, family responsibilities etc etc ..

We are here to provide you virtual support right from admission date to till you pass out MBA .

How we support:

1. Assignment writing help

2. Project report writing help

3. Preparation of short & easy to understand notes as per course content & papers which you can read while traveling / in free time on mobile, tap etc . So you don’t need to go through big text books to study the course content.

4. Preparation of model & expected question & answers as per course content.

5. Preparation of model & expected question & answers for viva.

What you need to do:

If you are interested to get support from us then you need to email us course content /syllabus of university/institutes. Aprox assignment, project, exam schedules.

What is time Frame of Support:

Time Frame of support is equivalent to your MBA course. It will start from admission to till you complete the MBA course.

About fees:

Fees will be depend on Institute / University course content, Time frame of course , no of assignment & projects to be executed.

Consultant & Guide for MBA summer project/thesis/ dissertation

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Contact Us:

Prof .Prakash Bhosale

Ph +91 8097027355 , + 91 9222086563 , SMS + 91 9224335234

WhatsApp :- 9867806399 , Skype :- eBrandingIndia , ,

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