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SAS Course Details

Base SAS


Ø {C}Getting Started with SAS

{C}v {C}Basic overview about SAS software

{C}v {C}Basic about programming


Ø {C}Working with SAS syntax

{C}v {C}Fundamental concepts

{C}v {C}Characteristics of SAS statements

{C}v {C}Explain SAS syntax rules


Ø {C}Getting Familiar with SAS dataset

{C}v {C}Descriptor & Data portions

{C}v {C}Accessing SAS libraries


Ø {C}Reading SAS datasets

{C}v {C}How to read data in SAS

{C}v {C}SAS data as input

{C}v {C}Observations & variables


Ø {C}Reading SAS datasets

{C}·        Descriptor & Data portions


Ø {C}Reading Excel worksheets

{C}·        Overview about importing Excel file


Ø {C}Reading Delimited Raw data files

{C}·        How to read Raw data

{C}·        Compilation & Execution phases of Data step



Ø {C}Validating and cleaning data

{C}·        Procedures for validating data

{C}·        Techniques for cleaning data


Ø {C}Manipulating data

{C}·        Variable creation

{C}·        Subsetting Observation


Ø {C}Combining SAS Datasets

{C}·        Appending, concatenating dataset

{C}·        Merging the SAS dataset


Ø {C}Enhancing Report ( ODS systems )

{C}·        Global statements

{C}·        Format & Label Statement

{C}·        User Defined formats

{C}·        Sending output to external files(HTML,PDF,RTF)


Ø {C}Summary Reports

{C}·        FREQ Procedure

{C}·        MEANS Procedure

{C}·        How to use procedures in Clinical trials



Ø {C}Controlling Input and Output

{C}·        Outputting multiple Observation

{C}·        Writing to Multiple SAS Datasets

{C}·        Selecting Variables & Observations


Ø {C}Summarizing Data

{C}·        Creating an Accumulating Total variable


Ø {C}Reading Raw Data Files


Ø {C}Data Transformations

{C}·        Manipulating character & numeric variables

{C}·        Converting Variable type


Ø {C}Processing Data iteratively

{C}·        Do loop processing

{C}·        SAS Arrays


Ø {C}Restructuring a Data set

{C}v {C}TRANSPOSE Procedure















Advance SAS


Ø {C}Macro language ( SAS Macro )


{C}v {C}Macro Variables

{C}ü {C}Introduction to Macro Variables

{C}ü {C}Automatic macro variables

{C}ü {C}Macro variable References

{C}ü {C}User Defined Macro variables

{C}ü {C}Macro Functions


{C}v {C}Macro definitions

{C}ü {C}Defining and Calling a macro

{C}ü {C}Macro parameters & Storage


{C}v {C}Data Step and SQL Procedure

{C}ü {C}Creating Macro variables in the Data step

{C}ü {C}Indirect References to Macro Variables

{C}ü {C}Creating Macro Variables in SQL


{C}v {C}  Macro Programs

{C}ü {C}Conditional processing

{C}ü {C}Global and Local macro variables


{C}v {C}Use of Macro language in Clinical Research







Ø {C}SQL Procedure


{C}v {C}Introduction to SQL procedure

{C}ü {C}What is SQL and components of SQL


{C}v {C}Basic Queries

{C}ü {C}Overview of the SQL procedure

{C}ü {C}Specifying Columns & Rows

{C}v {C}Displaying Query Results

{C}ü {C}Presenting Data

{C}ü {C}Summarizing Data


{C}v {C}Sub queries

{C}ü {C}Correlated Queries

{C}ü {C}Non correlated Queries


{C}v {C}SQL Joins

{C}ü {C}Introduction to SQL joins


{C}v {C}Set Operators

{C}ü {C}EXCEPT Operator

{C}ü {C}INTERSECT Operator

{C}ü {C}UNION Operator

{C}ü {C}OUTER UNION Operator


{C}v {C}Creating Tables and views

{C}ü {C}Creating view with SQL procedure


{C}v {C}Interfacing SQL with Macro Language


{C}v {C}Managing Tables


{C}v {C}Use of SQL in Clinical Trials

Clinical Trial Project

   {C}Basics of Clinical Research


   {C}ICH GCP Guidelines


   {C}Good programming Practices


   {C}Use of SAS in Clinical Research


   {C} Demo project for Clinical trial study


    {C}CDISC SDTM Overview


{C}v {C}SDTM Implementation in Clinical Trials

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