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Help with Camera Installations

     Here are some tips on installing a camera system yourself If you have purchased one from a web site or local chain store.   Most of these systems come with a card for an installation company.   I suggest you find someone local because it could save you money.  You can visit this website for a local installation company in  the Shreveport/Bossier -

First,  walk off the distance from the location of where you want the camera installed to where your DVR will be located.  The DVR should be located close to your internet modem and router but not out in the open to prevent theft.

Second, connect the cameras  to a TV or monitor just out of the box and extend one of the camera wires and walk around with it to see what kind of view it will offer.   There are many different types of cameras with different lens sizes and various options.  These factors come into play with the view so getting an idea of that view before mounting the camera means less trouble when  sighting in the camera after mounting.

Now that you have a good idea on where you want the camera located you can get to work.  If you want a professional looking install you need to hire the wires.  On a single story home, the attic is the best way of doing this.  You can also use the eves of the home if you’re not comfortable drilling holes in the roof line.   I suggest getting a pro to do this because it will take them  less time and you will not have to worry  about damaging to roof.

Once all the wires are ran and connected  to the DVR and router,  you will need to do some port forwarding.   In the router, log into your router  and then find the security settings.  All routers are different with different names for the forwarding (like pinholes,  gaming, etc.)  With the DVR connected to the router it should have an IP address.  It will be the same as the gateway IP with only the last set of numbers being different. In the router assign the IP from the DVR to your port forwarding rules. Again, this is one of those things that might be best left to a pro if you’re not comfortable adjusting  the security setting in your router.

Most systems come with software that you can upload to your PC.  Simply follow the directions to set it  up with the proper information  and you’re all set.   I always check my work with a port check tool, i.e.  

Now with the systems properly set up, install the app to your smart phone and adjust the cameras to the viewing angle that best suits your home.  This tip makes for easier adjusting.

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