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Carbonic Class A OTR Driver for Airgas Carbonic


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Contact:Shantrail Bolton
Compensation:OTR Pay Package


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Must be at least 25 years of age with 3 years experience within last 4 years with a clean MVR with no more than 2 minor tickets and no major tickets in last 3 years No preventable accidents in last 3 years and no DUI in past 7 years Must be available to work as often as 6 days per week, including weekends, performing safe, efficient, and timely deliveries of Liquid Carbon Dioxide (LC02) . This includes the safe and proper loading and unloading of tank trailers. Must have a Class A COL with a minimum of AIR BRAKE, TANKER, and HAZMAT endorsements. Must be able to pass Dept. of Transportation DRUG SCREEN and PHYSICAL. Must also have an AUDIOGRAM performed yearly Must have the capacity to learn, comprehend, retain, and all pertinent Hazardous Material Training. This will include Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations, D.O.T. Hazardous Material Regulations, O.S.H.A. Safety Regulations, Airgas Safety Regulations, and various chemical analysis test of LC02. Must have physical ability to pull and lift SOib C02 hoses, climb rail car walkways, work on top of railcar catwalks, make hose connections at top of railcars (consists of installing threaded pipes with a pipe wrench), and the ability to extensively lean into cabinets of ground tanks to make C02 hose connections and open and close valves of different types Must be able to accurately and neatly prepare a 70 hour Drivers Daily Log of hours of service, bills of lading, shipping papers, fuel reports, delivery tickets, meter tickets, vehicle condition reports, and drivers daily recap sheets. All of these written materials must be submitted in a timely fashion as designed. Must be able to perform minor repairs on units as needed. This will include monitoring and adjusting tire air pressure and oil levels in tanker hubs. Every day you are on duty driving, you will be required to perform (in accordance with F.M.C.S. Regulations and Airgas Regulations) a Pre-Trip vehicle inspection and a written POST­ Trip vehicle inspection. You are also required to inspect the vehicle tires each time the vehicle is parked. Must respond to phone (company issued and maintained phone) when on duty at 151 safe parking area. You are only called as a result of a critical situation, therefore an urgent response is necessary. Must maintain unit you are operating in a safe clean condition. Must operate unit in a safe courteous and efficient manner consistent with all regulations. Must maintain a neat and professional appearance and deal courteously with all customers and fellow employees.

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