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AUTO-SALES-OF-FLORIDA: 1441 S. Federal Hwy. Deerfield Beach, FL. 33441-7222


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Contact:Keith: 754-265-5049
City:Deerfield Bch; Fl. 33441/7222


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Dear customer;


We have established an impeccable reputation for customer satisfaction over the years and this is why we have many repeat customers who continue to conduct business with Toyota Of Deerfield Beach, today!


Most of our trade-ins don't meet Toyota Of Deerfield Beach's high standars so they are sent to the auction!


When you purchase a vehicle from us you, the customer, are receiving a quality automobile that has gone through a eighty point inspection!


Don't make a mistake by saving a few dollars and making a bad purchase on a used vehicle that needs thousands of dollars in repairs!


Small Auto Dealerships:


Most Of These Shady Car Dealerships Have In-house Financing, Because They Offer You A Nice Car That Will Attract You Into Making An Unwise Purchase. They Don't Use Complicated Formulas Which Help You To Make A Timely Payment That You Can Afford. Formulas Are Based On Your Monthly Income Level, & Designed So You Won't Lose Your Vehicle For Missing A High Payment. When These In-House Auto Dealerships Repo Your Vehicle It Goes Back To Their Car Lot For Resale, And The Process Starts Over Again.


Sub-Prime Banks Have Many Formulas That Help You To Make Your Payments And Not End-Up With An Auto Repossession!


The Most Important Formula That Special Finance Or Sub-Prime Banks Use Are Based On Your Monthly Income. Here Is The Formula Which Most Sub-Prime Lenders Use: Fifteen Percent Of Your Gross Monthly Income Is The Maximum Payment That You Are Qualified For.


Example: $2,500 Monthly Gross Income, You Would Only Qualify For A $375 Monthly Car Payment. Another Example: $3,000 Monthly Gross Income Evidenced In Your Paycheck, Then You Would Qualify For A $450 Monthly Payment. So We Know For Every $1,000 In Gross Income, You Are Qualified For a $150 Per Month Car Payment.


I Offer You A Wholesale To The Public Price So You Won't Make These Car Dealerships Rich And You Won't Need To Make High Payments, So Eventually You Will Be Able To Save A lot Of Cash Fast And Then Pay In full For The Vehicle Of Your Dreams!


My Advice To All: " If You See A Car Lot That Tells You No Credit Check Needed, Don't Walk Away, Run As Fast As You Can"!


See My Website, Just Click-On The Blue Lettering Below:


Looking Forward To Earning Your Business And Trust!





















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