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Coordinator of Volunteers for American Red Cross (Communications)


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Contact:Stephanie Boles
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Responsibilities: The mission of the Red Cross, preventing and alleviating human suffering in the face of emergences, would prove nearly impossible without the passion and power of its volunteers across the globe. As the Communications Coordinator of Volunteers, you will join this passionate workforce, while helping to expand this inspiring group through your leadership and support. The Coordinator of Volunteers will recruit, develop, and lead volunteers focused primarily on spreading the positive experiences of Red Cross volunteers and their roles in relief efforts through various forms of media. These efforts produce tangible results, as the spread of information, whether it be notifications regarding blood drives or the timely spread of information necessary for volunteers to effectively respond to large-scale disasters, supports not only the larger Red Cross mission but can immediately affect your neighbors, friends, and family in a positive way. Through a combination of administrative support and volunteer engagement, this volunteer position will provide for both an educational and rewarding volunteer experience with an organization dedicated to turning compassion into action in times of need. Time Commitment: This position required a minimum monthly volunteer commitment of 20 hours both within the office and remotely outside regular business hours. This allows for flexibility in scheduling while still enabling the volunteer to carry out their key responsibilities. Qualifications: Above all, the Coordinator of Volunteers should understand and embody the mission and values of the Red Cross, with a familiarity of the organization’s procedures and responsibilities to the community. This embodiment should work in conjunction with a motivated, passionate, and self-starter outlook and attitude that drives the Coordinator’s desire to mentor and engage new volunteers. Each day will bring about new challenges and questions, and it is the Coordinator’s job to understand the concerns, motivations, and needs of volunteers in order to best address these challenges in a way that will benefit not only the Communications Department of the Red Cross, but the Red Cross as a whole. In addition, this volunteer must have excellent oral and written communication skills, as well as a keen understanding of the role effective communication plays in the work of the organization. This blend of personal motivation and professional skill proves vital to the spread of the Red Cross’ mission and message. Relationships: As Coordinator of Volunteers, you will get the opportunity to work closely with the Chief Communications Office and other department leadership, giving you a unique opportunity to take on an important leadership position within the Communications Department. This leadership role will enable you to foster an equally beneficial relationship with the Department of Volunteer Engagement personnel, as you work to recruit and retain passionate, committed, and like-minded volunteers for the department. Above all, you will establish a close relationship with the Communications Department volunteers, as you work alongside them to develop and support their involvement and skillset. Length of Appointment: The Communications Coordinator position is one year in length, but there is the potential for the volunteer to be reappointed indefinitely and continue their work with the Red Cross.

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