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Effects of Conserving Energy in Michigan


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Natural gas and electricity are the most-consumed energy sources in U.S. homes, followed by heating oil, and propane. Natural gas and heating oil (using fuel oil) are used mainly for home or space heating. Space heating accounts for the largest share of the energy used in U.S. homes. Electricity, which is used for heating and cooling, also lights our homes and runs almost all of our appliances including refrigerators, toasters, and computers. Many homes in rural areas use propane for heating, while others use it to fuel their barbecue grills. But in cities, most people use electricity.

Carbon dioxide, which accounts for the majority of all airborne pollution, is a greenhouse gas. When carbon dioxide is released into the air, it absorbs the sun’s warmth and keeps heat in our atmosphere. This “greenhouse effect” is a natural phenomenon, and it’s necessary for survival on earth. However, as power plants burn more fuel to create more energy, the extra carbon waste traps too much heat. This can have a detrimental impact on our land and our lives. Effects of greenhouse gas emissions include:

  • Rising temperatures, heat waves and drought
  • Higher sea levels
  • Abnormal weather patterns
  • Increased intensity of natural disasters
  • Smog and acid rain

It is very dangerous to Mother Nature. Thus, how can we conserve our energy consumption to make sure that the energy used will definitely have a big help in minimizing pollution.

When you opt to cut back on energy use, you also help conserve limited natural resources that would otherwise be used to power the power plants. Less demand for energy creates less demand for harvesting fossil fuels. Turning off the lights at night or washing clothes in cold water can save trees, coal, natural gas and more. From an economic standpoint, it’s critical to conserve our finite resources. As fossil fuels become increasingly scarce, they will become extremely expensive.

We can only do so much for our environment that’s why we have to start in our own little ways. We need to make sure that we find a way how to conserve energy as much as we can.

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