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I Will Prepare You for your Upcoming Exam - Ph.D. Chemsitry, Physics, Mathematic


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Contact:Zareh Darakjian, Ph.D.


One powerful way to maximize your performance on exams is to have an expert coach you and prepare you for what could be coming your way. I know "expert" is a bad word today, but I am using the word in its original sense.

I consider myself qualified because I have been through it all... B.S. (honors), M.S. and Ph.D. in Chemical Physics, from the University of California Davis. That's 10 years of College. Add to that 8 years of post Ph.D. research and publication at Penn State, Rice University, The Ohio State University and the University of Delaware.

I also lectured at Ohio State for 4 years and instructed at Sherwood test prep for 5 years.

After my Ph.D. I studied Medicine (theory - of course) on my own for 6 years. I helped students, nurses, and penultimate year M.D. in their exam preparations.

If you think I might be able to help you, then please, please, contact me early. That makes the whold difference.

How do I prepare you? I do my best to simulate the challenge that you are most likely to face on exam day. I not only prepare questions, but also alert you to the importance and significance and different forms of the question. Just giving you practice exams, one after another is not the way to go. Highlighting 1st the difficult aspects only and also the important aspects is my general approach. Most of the time, the two overlap.

I can prepare you in two modes:

1.  Through sending you documents and diagrams/sketches/equations. discussions, solved problems as e-mail attachments.

The solution to theh problems will make use of a healthy dose of critical questions, which as we answer them show you the way to the solution.

You can adopt this approach as a tool to use in solving any other problems within the scope of youe topics. This is the most effeicient mode.


2.  If you further need fac-to-face remotely, Zoom sessions can be arranged as well. 


How about the fee? Of course, there is not a fixed fee that I can quote, It will depend on the particular situation. But you will be informed of it.

Payment of fees is to be made through PayPal, using my e-mail address, prior to starting any work.

You may contact me:
(559) 709-2022 (for the very first inquiry, text please)

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