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I'm writing this to all of the self entitled people reading this right now. I am a small business owner who has had enough of all the people/clients I've had over the years who take me for granted. And, I'm writing this not only for myself, but on behalf of the other struggling small business owners who feel the same way. There is no forum for service workers, business owners and the like to report, blog or "review" self-entitled, non appreciative consumers who continue to take and take, while expecting Perfection, without even the slightest thought of giving back or simply saying "Thank You! How can I repay you for your kindness". Yes, you pay us. Is that really enough? You must think so, because unless we ask, pressure you to actually tell someone else about the great service you receive we get nothing. Kind of makes us feel like a prostitute must feel.


I have been in business for a very long time. I'm old fashion in the fact that I give more than expected, more than I'm paid for, over and beyond that which is outlined in what is provided in the services you receive from me and my company. I do this for just about every client. It always changes from client to client, but you can be assured that you, as my client, will receive something special that's unexpected from me - and from what my many competitors will provide. Why do I do this? The average person would expect the answer to be, to stay competitive - to achieve a higher number of clients in return. The average person would be wrong. I give because I'm one of those few people left in this world that believes in kindness and giving back to the universe. Ok, then why do I expect anything in return? And, what do I expect back you ask? Simply put, I expect Gratitude. Seems pretty simple to me. But, this is so difficult for people to do or comprehend. How does one, a client, show gratitude these days? Well, a genuine, heartfelt thank you goes a long way, yes. But, sadly to stay competitive in this current world we live in one must scream from the roof top and rave about their experience using a service/business.


I am amazed at how thoughtless my clients truly are. I have had clients who have used my services over and over, month after month, year after year and never once ask - "Hey, besides paying you for your services, what else can I do in return to show my gratitude to you for going above and beyond each time you help me out?  I know I call you at the last minute to be there for me, and you always say Yes, I'll be there - even when you have already planned a vacation of your own to finally get away and relax, you cancel your personal plans to be there for me! Even when your father died last year, you were there to help me the day of his funeral, because you committed to being there, and you keep your commitments!" The answer, if I literally need to spell it out for you - ding, ding, ding, ding....(drum roll)... is to WRITE A REVIEW ABOUT YOUR POSITIVE EXPERIENCE USING MY SERVICE!!! I shouldn't have to ask this of you, humbling myself by basically asking you to compliment me!! No, you should WANT to write a review on my behalf because you're happy, thrilled with what I've done for you over and over again, with consistent, excellent care and consideration from me! And, if I do find myself having to ASK for a compliment about my business/services, because you were so oblivious, wrapped up in YOU and your own life that you didn't think once or twice about ME, until you needed ME, then please, please be more gracious, thoughtful and less self absorbed not to make me ask you twice. Not to make me ask you over and over again to actually think of ME, by saying something to the world about how grateful and happy you are that I'm always there for you, that I've got your back each time you need me and never make you feel anxious or worried that you're not going to receive 100% from me each and every time you hire me! Sorry for the run-on sentences! Why is it so damn difficult to actually take the words you say (once in a Blue Moon) to me - like "I don't know what I'd do without you", and actually put them in writing - 5 minutes out of your day??? And, if by chance you don't receive the usual 100% you normally receive and maybe instead this time you get 80% or even 50% , how bout you remember and appreciate all the times you did in fact receive 100% while realizing that no one is perfect and everyone has an off day. Try your hardest (for all of our sake) not to be a Drama Queen or King by micro managing us by placing your never ending list of impossible to achieve expectations on us or your hidden CAMERA. Too many people these days are so quick to take the time to write a negative review as soon a they see one mistake a business has made, that's easy, right?? But, when it comes to a positive experience, then you are way too busy for that!


Speaking of CAMERA's. How would you feel if you worked for a client and you've been nothing but trustworthy and honest with them since the day you first met them and the way they show you they believe in you is by having camera's hidden all over their home?? I understand wanting to protect your home when you are away, yes. But, our society has become so riddled with doubt and lack of trust that we now feel the need to place camera's all over our homes, so that the people entering it to do a service, job that YOU hired us to do, unbenounced to them now have to play the role of an actor - having each and every move they make under surveillance. For myself, I would not have a person in my home while I'm out if I didn't show a leap of faith by trusting them; at least until proven otherwise. And, if I was so paranoid that I in fact felt the need to install hidden camera's I would certainly be smart enough to know that anything I witnessed, beyond theft, outright negligence or betrayal in any form (or simply not doing their job), would be considered normal and expected, of a humane being that's not flawless. But, sadly for most of you whatever you saw that did not fit into your specific idealistic "expectations" and impossible to achieve perfection would be a deal breaker!


In closing, you may think after reading this that the reason I do not receive the reviews, or appreciation I seek is because of my attitude. Change your attitude and way of thinking because you can't change anyone else but yourself. If you are one of those people who after reading this can only come up with that conclusion then you are my target audience and will sadly always remain a self-entitled, taker. I'm writing this for you, glad you read it.  I go into every new client relationship or friendship with an open heart and mind. I actually do live my life by the golden rule of reciprocity - Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. And, the only reason I continue to do what I do is for those clients that actually do appreciate me - that do write a  review (without being asked, or nagged) about how happy they are with me and what I've provided them. What prompted me to write this today, after many, many years in business was the straw (client) who broke this camel's back. It was after I saw a client I've worked with for years, who continues to ask me for help and I'm always happy to oblige, write a review on a NEW business they've used for the first time. This client has never once thought to write a review on my behalf. They are obviously happy with my service, or why in the world would they continue to come back again and again. They obviously have the time, or they wouldn't have been able to write this review I read. So, I reached out and did something out of my comfort zone- I wrote an email and kindly asked them if they could please take the time to write a short review on their experience using my services. Guess what - I received nothing back from this person. Nada. Again reminding me of how low I need to set my expectations of my clients and the world around me. However, I will continue to be the thoughtful, caring, kind, giving person I have always been, in spite of the self entitled zombies of this world.


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