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Right To a Dignified Burial.


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Contact:Dr. Terry Lee LaFleur
City:Sioux Falls


Greetings and Salutations my fellow South Dakotans!

Today I would like to talk about the Right to a Dignified Burial, it's yours from cradle to grave. Our plan for a "Right To a Dignified Burial" will create a State sponsored burial fund that will insure that every citizen participating in it will receive a dignified burial debited to the burial fund.

The burial fund is set up like a savings account and will accrue interest. Each citizen who wishes to participate can pay in to the burial fund, and upon their death, they can rely on their burial fund share to pay for their final costs. This plan will insure that every participant will receive a dignified burial paid for out of the fund's assets! Once the burial is completed, all the funeral home must do is show 1) that a shareholder has died, 2) the shareholder's identity has been verified, 3) a certificate of death or a certified copy thereof has been provided to the applicable State agency in control of the burial fund account!

We will have available three option plans for every citizen to chose from: 1) a basic payment for a casket; 2) a casket and opening and closing of the plot; 3) an opening and closing of the plot, a casket and an appropriate headstone allowed by the cemetery chosen. The reason for options one and two are for those citizens who may have already paid for the plot that usually/may come with the costs of opening and closing the grave.

The plans will cost the individual citizen: 1) $10 per month for a casket; 2) $20 per month for the casket and the opening and closing of the plot; 3) $30 per month for the casket, the opening & closing of the plot and the appropriate headstone allowed by the cemetery chosen! Participants' must pay in to the burial fund until their share's value reaches $10,000 respectively, at this point, the citizens participation is fulfilled and no further premiums are required. The share's value includes principle and interest accrued. Each individual share will continue to accrue interest until validated (i.e. used)!  If the shareholder should die before their share reaches the $10,000 value, it shall be redeemable at full face value upon providing the above three required proofs showing that the shareholder has died.

Any citizen may opt out and keep their current arrangements, or chose to pay for their own final arrangements themselves. Final arrangements can be very expensive and create great financial hardships on family's and loved one's.

To open a Dignified Burial account each citizen will need to deposit $50 for an individual share, $75 for a couple co-habitating in the same dwelling; $100 for a family plan without limit on biological children of either spouses/partners! The share covers every shareholder according to its original intent upon purchase. Meaning, for the individual, the couple, or the family member(s) accordingly!

The Dignified Burial plan is not based on race, gender, political party, or religion; it's meant to be inclusive of all people legally living within the State of South Dakota! Any foreign national legally residing in South Dakota may buy a share if their intent is to chose South Dakota as their final resting place!

The State will start the Dignified Burial plan with an initial investment of $1,000,000 that will be returned to the general fund when the balance in the Burial Fund account reaches $2,000,000 including principle and interest on its own steam so to speak!

This message is sponsored by the 2022 campaign to elect Dr. Terry Lee LaFleur. My name is Dr. Terry Lee LaFleur and I approve of this message!

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