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The Workshop of The Famous Amoghli 's Brothers


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Background Information on the Amagholi workshop

Amagholi workshop was among the biggest and most famous Persian carpet workshops in the 1900s. It is associated with the Amoghli brothers: Abdol Mohammad Amoghli (the eldest brother) and Ali Khan Amoghli (the youngest brother). Their Persian rugs were the favorite for Pahlavi shahs and royalties including Reza Shah. The Amoghli manufacturing unit produced décor products that were used to embellish the Sa’dabad Palace located in northern Tehran. Amoghli workshop’s items were magnificent and regal, seeing that some of their best hard-women rugs were brought to the Niavaran Palace.  Amaghli workshop made some of the hottest Mashad Persian rugs.

Amoughli rug making era

Amoghli’s active years are said to be from 1900 to 1920.  He was a master weaver in the city of Mashhad and specialized in Oriental carpet art. Amoghli carpets are signed with his name and were made of the finest wools, silks, and cotton. They often feature three to five centimeter wide borders on long sides usually in signature blue. Featuring the highest density knots and patterns, Amoghli rugs are some of the most innovative rugs in Iranian carpet weaving history.

Amoghli’s silk and wool rugs

The popular Amoghli workshops in Mashad released plenty of rugs that had silk borders, cotton foundations, and woolen piles.  The 1940s designs are still in vogue and among the few legendary pieces that put Iran at the forefront for carpet weaving.  These classic mats had very fine weave patterning with far-off knot piles.  They could contain up to one thousand, three hundred and sixty-nine knots per square inch. But the average or standard density for the Emoghli workshop rugs is roughly nine hundred knots per square inch.

Some classic rugs were made as displays to showcase the technical prowess of the company. They contain different motifs in terms of themes. You can find tall trees, flowers, medallions, and other geometrical forms. The size of mats can vary although most are large and lovely.  The use of purple or blue silk flat weave on all four sides or borders is rather common on these rugs. Color mismatches are not noted on Amoghli rugs, making them great items for home decoration.

Where to find Amoghli rugs

There are items that you will find in art galleries in the US that were produced in the 1920s. If getting something rather antique and different mesmerizes you, Amoghli workshop products are perfect choices. They can be found in most internet shops that sell Persian high-quality carpets.  Ensure that your rug has size dimensions and Amoghli signature printed somewhere. These quality pieces are also great for item collectors who are interested in rugs.

As they are rare items in other parts of the world, these rugs can be sold for thousands of dollars. Mashad rugs and carpets are very popular and elegant. When you have an item that was woven in the 1920s by the Amoghli’s you will feel blessed.  As you shop, try to read the product description first to get enough information about it. They are rather easy to match with your current home décor and lovable if you want to collect some for sale.

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