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I've been a victim of discrimination, for 15 year's and I'm still being victimized. The court system is letting them get away with it and they don't care if I'm homeless or not. This is a billion dollar company and all I'm asking for is what is rightfully mine after 17 year's. Where's the justice for us small people I thought that's why the court system was there not just for the billion dollar companies. But no one really want to help me no one this company laughed at me embarrassed me for 17 years. And still that's not enough, its not right I'm sorry its not right. Everyone that read email me I'm trying to go all the way to Washington D.C. with this. Hit me up.I hope everyone knows what kind of people they are everyone on wall street every one on the stock market that made them billions and left me in the streets homeless i hope people find out the type of people they really are now!!! Don't hide come clean you left me homeless after i gave you 17 years of service I " M telling all

I had good numbers like everyone else, I had a clean store , some of my customers drove 30 miles just too come too my store for fresh produce, and products. Some came just too talk on there way home from work too see how the store was doing that day we was like a family. The cheerleaders came every week just for the hell of it from the local high school , that was a block away just too check in on the store, some kids from the high school would clean the parking lot for free breadsticks. Ms. Freda always orders 3 times a week her pepperoni pizza with extra pepperoni, and granger always got his large beef with extra cheese and a coke. Ms.janet every Wednesday medium ham and pineapple pie cut plus a large pepperoni. Shannon , a chicken parm sandwich and breadsticks, the other granger a large Brooklyn pepperoni, and ham , Randy his 2 medium 1 thin 1 hand and he was always dressed no matter what. Plus Ms Tammy a large $ and a large Pepperoni , Mr. Bruce 14 piece wing swimming in sauce that's how he like it. Then there's Mr Rhett large thin crust $ every time 3 times a week , him and his wife been married 40 + years, when they thru me out the bluff he came and found me and he told me look here guy Idk what's going on but we need to get you back home that stores a complete mess. He told me he was going to try to write the mayor and governor to see if any one could help, see it wasn't just me they took from and ruin my life my family life's. They took from you also the people the ruined your life also, you where forced to cope with what ever was thrown at you also, I can go on all day these people wasn't just customers there family loyal family. Its been so hard on us my mom been growing sores out of her brain just dealing with everything. This how I was left also.

my mom came too me today and asked me why out of all 5 judges not 1 wanted to help me ? Every single one let this company walk all over me and left me homeless in the streets, but why ? It really don't make sense to do this to a person a human I have a family to feed just like them. Could every one be getting paid off some how ? Every single judge ? Something too think about. This is a billion dollar company so to slip a million in every judge pocket is like Brown paper bag money too them. Could it be Idk I'm just thinking that's all, money make things move. If a company go through all of this to get rid of me to see me homeless on the streets, they could have offered me a early retirement so much as too where my feet would never touch the ground and I could have thought about it. They didn't have to put me and my family through all of this. Its like sense they let me go I been held hostage in my room for 3 years and no one want to give me 1 chance at a career again because of them I want to get out this room and be let free I want to go to School to learn, I want a real Career again one day. I want out this room !!! I even feel the company went as far as too hire people to hang around my house to try to make me feel like I have mental issues guys and girls I don't know or people I used to work with telling people I'm in love with them or I want to marry them do you know how embarrassing that is a girl you worked with for 3 months and 3 years later She's telling people you want to Marry her? Ok for one people just stop because I don't even remember you this is a lie someone is paying these people to say these things non of these things are true about me none of them, it doesn't even make sense. Or the other rumors is if I don't marry this girl name Isis and take care of her kids that's not mine ok that's not mine I won't get my disability well if the disability judge trying to make me marry a girl I hate and don't love repeat don't love then ill just work in pain, if a judge play games with your life that judge should not be on a bench at all I'm just saying, you can't force a person to do something slavery stopped a long time ago so I'm telling these 2 girls stop telling people lies about me my name is already ruin for life. I will never go out with anyone of you and I will never never marry you after what you done to my family I don't care if people paid you to do it or if people made you do it , you did it. And I never want to talk to you for the rest of your life so please stop all of these dumb lies that we going get married no we are not ! I don't know you, We never went out not even once , we never even went to a movie , or to get a burger , or pop corn , or hangout , I don't know y'all middle name, I never met y'all family I don't even know y'all eye color. And the bad part I'm the one people thank that have issues or people look at me as the bad one but I don't know anyone of you so please stop ruining my life its not funny no more it never was. And the part that scares me the most is that 5 judges knew about it, and they didn't stop it what does that say about our justice system? How far will a judge go how far will a judge let other people go without helping the real people that really need help. I'm living proof no one helped me they left me here to die really and didn't care that's why I wanted to tell a few people that did read This not even a judge helped me out of this they where going to let me sit here and die in my room, but why? I'm a person like anyone else. I have a heart that bleed too. This one company did so much and I gave my life too its a crying shame I'm so ashamed of you all to the highest. But in front of the world to the next company pizza company that hire me ima give it my all 200% I promise until I die I'm just asking for 1 chance that's all please. The true story is I loved a girl named Mea Corrin and yea I say loved because I choose to walk away because after 8 years I knew it wasn't going to work. These 2 girls was messing with my head for 3 years saying mea was not mea, and mea was really someone else from my pass because she had blonde hair the strangest shit ever let me just tell the world again , I know the difference between girls and I know the girls I fall in love with so I'm not sure if Mea was in on it also but ill never talk too her again because of what everybody did. Mea I know the difference in girls I'm clear mind body and soul. It was you for the last 8 years and it breaks my heart to know you could have been playing a game for 8 years Mea that's sick. I'm being real. But if your not involved I apologize but if you was that's sick like the rest of them, me , you , and Braden did you even think how this would effect him and his life? Do anyone think ? But anyway I know the difference in girls this mind game is dumb I just want a career and to go too school every thing else I want out. And I never said anything about a girl named ava , I'm not sure if she remembers but every time I would put her back in her car seat when they would come see me I would give her butterfly kisses on her for head when she was 2 I known her sense 2 she's perfectly safe around me , in fact I love her like she was my own, I never had a kid because the whole world singled me out but I wish she was mine she's perfect. God must have spent a little more time on her but she's 100 % safe no matter what I wish she was my child I love her. the only thing I ever said was she was a pretty girl and she look very intelligent her parents will be proud one day that's all for the record. And for the record I know the difference between Jessica the model and any other girl so Jessica if you was part of this that was dumb but take care of yourself all you had too do was say you wanted out not play with my mind acting like your some other girl you know how dumb you look doing that? Just as dumb as I look writing this. And the bad part you throughout 5 years of friendship for dumb shit I knew you longer then all them put together but you did it to me remember that. When you was sleeping in your car I took you in every time. When you was homeless I took you in every time When you didn't have food to eat I put food on your plate and you want to help people play a mine game with me that's messed up Jess when you needed shoes on your feet to start a job because the ones you had was full of holes I got you shoes, but you play a mine game with me. Oh ok ! And too everyone stop telling this old lady hanna I'm going date her no I'm not and I never was I apologize for everyone who told her that its a lie I was going to talk to a girl name hanna but she is 18 not 40 and yes I know the difference in not dumb judge me if you want I don't really care I'm the one locked up not you so who cares. It ruined a friend ship but it wasn't my fault really it was out of my hands. But no hanna and I was never and will never go out so whatever people say its a lie.

so in sted of you girls messing with my head go to school or something because I would never talk to anyone of you again in a million years. Girls that play head games your not worth it you ruined my life my family life that's the real truth. You have too be completely brain dead to think I would ever talk to any one of you , so you can keep wasting y'all life I can't stop y'all but its dumb.

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