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Seeking Easy going Professional 4 Upstairs Suite Furnished


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Ad number:#385115976
City:Sacramento, CA
Square ft:900




Seeking easygoing, professional person, one adult, to share a nice home on a third of an acre with pool and large yard. Guests welcome.

This is an Upstairs furnished white bedroom with TV, desk, queen bed, drawers, nightstands and more. Double sink, private bathroom, large tub jacuzzi and large walk in closet.  
Seeking Family/Friendliest Person with an Easy Going and Relaxed Attitude to fit into our happy atmosphere. (Imposters will be detected...LOL)

Must have a contributing to household attitude, but all I ask for is that you wash your dishes and your mess after yourself as everyone does each time in use. In general, roommates are in their rooms or not home. 

Must have common courtesy, with good character, and have respect. You must be reliable to pay monthly rent even if you lost your job. No bum, negative or emotionally disturbed attitudes are welcome in our home. We all have problems and do not want a wallower. However, this is a supporting, caring and uplifting home. If you find yourself wanting to break free from negative people and are awakening to the reality of the world we live in than you have come to the right home.

Please, be conscious not to slam cabinets and doors. When walking up and down stairs please walk lightly not heavy footed or the whole house shakes. (common courtesy). =]

Absolutely no smoking! Because you will go up and down the stairs all day and night slamming the front door. However, I do not judge.

Includes: Electricity, PGE, water, garbage and laundry. Everything is within reason. Heavy items or mass dirty work items should be washed at the laundry mat. (Common courtesy)

Three months minimum then month to month. Will Accept Monthly Rentals. Can be available by middle of month.

First and last months deposit required unless you are staying one month. May use half of the deposit towards the last month's rent with 30 days written departure notice the rest of deposit is used for front parking and carpet cleaning for used areas.

My home is your home, full house access has plenty parking and awesome location near the intersections of I-5 and I-80. Can see Sac Downtown from home.

Near UTI and Amazon

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