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McDonald’s Rewards

If you get 6000 Pont

click here 


Regularly requested Questions

What Do I ought to Do to Earn factors?

Earning rewards factors may be very clean, really down load our app and agree to take part in MyMcDonald’s Rewards. Gift the four-digit code earlier than ordering, or get factors routinely while you order inside the app.


How much Are factors well worth?

For every dollar you spend on eligible merchandise, you will receive one hundred points. You can begin redeeming your MyMcDonald’s Rewards when you have 1500 points.


Do My points Expire?

Unfortunately, not anything can ultimate for all time. Your factors will expire on the primary day of the month after the 6th month from the day your points had been earned. Masses of time to keep up on your favored!


Can i am getting a couple of praise at a Time?

At the moment, you are confined to redeeming one praise per order. 


Can i percentage My points?

Your MyMcDonald's Rewards factors are yours on my own. Once you've got your meals, it’s up to you whether or not you need to share!


How Do I Redeem factors free of charge McDonald’s?

You may redeem with contactless cell ordering within the McDonald's app via deciding on Rewards, choosing the favourite you need to redeem and deciding on “add to mobile Order”. To redeem in store or pressure via, pick out rewards and pick out the object you need to redeem, then choose “Use at restaurant” to get the four-digit code you may offer the group before you start ordering. For shipping orders positioned using the McDonald’s app, choose your reward item and add that in your McDelivery order. Rewards cannot be redeemed for delivery orders placed with a third birthday party operator together with DoorDash and Uber Eats.


Can i Redeem a reward And Earn factors within the identical Order?

Yes! You earn factors on every eligible buy, so if you’re redeeming a reward and ordering greater meals similarly to that, you may nonetheless earn 100 factors for every greenback you spend.


What If I Forgot to provide My Code?

In case you’re taking part in your order and  realized you never supplied your code, no worries! Take these steps to contact us in the app:


Pick out more inside the backside navigation

Select add missing factors from Receipt

Pick input Receipt information

Provide the restaurant variety from wherein your order turned into located, the date of your visit, the time of your visit, your order number and your order overall. All of this information can be observed to your receipt.

Choose put up

I just Made a buy and My points Aren’t There—can you help?

Of course, we’d be satisfied to help you. The first step is wait 24 hours; on occasion it takes a touch time for MyMcDonald's Rewards points to appear inside the app. If after 24 hours you still don’t have points, here are the stairs so that it will contact us inside the app:


Select extra

Choose Careers, contact & felony

Choose touch Us

Enter your feedback regarding your order, which includes your account electronic mail, order wide variety, subtotal, and if there’s any reason you believe you studied you is probably missing factors (example: forgot to experiment)

Do I need to offer  Codes If I want to Redeem a praise or Deal and Earn points within the equal Transaction?

No, you best need to offer one code. Whilst redeeming, offer the four-digit praise code (determined at the Rewards tab)—this may help you redeem your free object at the same time as additionally incomes points for merchandise you are shopping. The identical is genuine for a deal, use the four-digit deal code to shop and you will routinely earn points for merchandise you buy in that transaction.


Are There Any Purchases That Don’t Qualify For points?

Qualifying purchases in which an active reward, cellular provide or promotional offer is redeemed will earn factors, however you'll only earn points for U.S. Dollars virtually spent inside the transaction. While a McDonald’s Arch card is used to make a qualifying purchase, you may earn points. The following aren't taken into consideration qualifying purchases and could no longer earn any points:


Taxes, bags and bottle prices, different surcharges or costs

Loading any cash on a McDonald’s Arch Card® (present card)

Shipping fees for orders placed the use of the McDonald’s app

How do I hyperlink my card for fee inside the app?

Linking you card for extra convenient fee inside the app is easy: really,


Go to ‘Earn factors’ in the McDonald’s app

Choose “Pay with connected Card” on the top

Insert your card records and hit keep

In case you need to edit or update:


Pick ‘more’ at the bottom proper

Go to “Profile”

Select “price methods”

I lost My smartphone! Did I Lose My points?

We’re sorry about your phone! Contact your service provider and once you have a brand new phone your MyMcDonald’s Rewards need to still be awaiting you whilst you log in to our app.


In which Are the terms and conditions?

You may get right of entry to MyMcDonald's Rewards phrases and situations by means of touring the MyMcDonald’s Rewards phrases and conditions section.

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