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Elna Lock L1 Overlock Sewing Machine Instruction Manual


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Elna Lock L1 Overlock Sewing Machine Instruction Manual.


This manual is available here- Elna sewing machine manual


Threading the machine.
Positioning the cutting blades.
Adjusting the thread tensions.
Elna lock needle.
Thread guide pole.
Cutter release knob.
Extension discs.
Spool holders and caps.
Rolled-hemming with 2 or 3 threads.
Cloth guide lines.
Stitch selection chart.
Overlocking inside corners.
Safety switch.
Replacing the moving blade.
Changing light bulb.
Cleaning the machine.
Much more!

34 page instruction manual.

Elna sewing machine instruction manuals.



Changing the needle

Use Elna Lock needles EL x 705 or system 130/705H (15×1)
To change needle, raise the needle bar to its highest position by turning the flywheel towards you, leaving the presser foot down.
Loosen the needle clamp screw to remove the old needle.
Hold the new needle with the flat side away from you and push it up as far as it will go.
Tighten the screw firmly.
Make sure that the needle clears the needle plate by turning the flywheel towards you by hand.


Adjusting the Stitch length

You can select a stitch length between 1 and 5 for both two or three thread overlock stitches.
To adjust the thread length, first open the side cover.
Turn the flywheel toward you until the numbers 1 to 5 on the stitch length dial can be seen.
Turn the numbered dial to the desired length position.


Sewing extra-heavy fabrics

Before sewing extra heavy fabrics, it is advisable to lock the moving blade holder.
Lower the thread needle bar to its lowest position and open the side cover.
Tighten the screw to lock the moving blade holder.
After sewing extra heavy fabrics, always loosen the screw to unlock the blade for normal sewing.


Replacing the moving blade

Should it become necessary to replace the moving blade, or it has become blunt, proceed as follows (a spare removing blade will be found in the accessory case).
Disconnect the Machine.
Open the front and side covers.
The fixed blade is made of a special hard alloy and will not normally have to be replaced.
1. Set the moving blade in its engaged position and lock the moving blade holder, then remove the moving blade by loosening the screw.
Brush the fixed blade wand the surrounding area to clean out any accumulation of lint Etc.
2. Lower the moving blade support to its lowest position by turning the flywheel towards you.
At this position, place a new moving blade into the groove of the support making sure that the edge of the moving blade is approximately 0.5 to 1.0 mm below the    surface of the fixed blade.
Tighten the screw firmly.
Unlock the moving blade holder.


Elna Lock L1 Overlock Sewing Machine Instruction Manual


More sewing machine manuals are available here-

We are a family run business serving the sewing community for over 10 years.

Have fun sewing!

Let us know if you need a manual for your machine.

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