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Kenmore 158.1515 – 15150 Sewing Machine Instruction Manual


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Kenmore 158.1515 – 15150 Sewing Machine Instruction Manual.


This manual is available here- Kenmore sewing machine manual


Bobbin winding.
Pressure regulator.
Design cams.
Zigzag stitching.
Machine threading.
Zipper application.
Buttonhole making.
Hand hole cover plate.
Reverse stitch control.
Thread tension adjustment.
Single needle designs.
Parts list.
Much more!

50 page complete instruction manual.

Kenmore 158.1515 – 15150 Sewing Machine Instruction Manual

Kenmore Models: 1515, 158.1515, 158.15150


Winding the bobbin

1. Release clutch by turning clutch knob toward you.

2. Draw thread from spool through bobbin winder tension disc.

3. Pull the end of the thread through hole in the bobbin.

4. Place bobbin onto bobbin winder shaft with end of thread coming from the top of the bottom. Push bobbin winder latch against bobbin until it clicks.
Holding onto the end of the thread, start machine. When the bobbin is slightly filled, snip off end of thread.

5. Start machine. wind thread until bobbin winder latch releases.

6. Tighten clutch knob and remove bobbin.



Top tension control

Probably the most important control on your machine is the one that regulates your top thread tension. It consists of discs between which the thread passes.
The pressure on these discs is regulated by turning the dial on the front of the control. The higher the number, the tighter the tension.

There are many reasons for having to reset your attention. The best tension for one fabric may not be correct for another. The required tension depends upon the stiffness of the fabric, thickness of the fabric, number of layers of fabric being sewn, as well as type of stitch you are making.

It is best to test the stitching on a scrap of fabric you are using before starting to make a garment.

A perfect stitch will have the threads locked between the two layers of fabric with no loops on the top or bottom

If loops appear on top of fabric, upper tension is too tight. Decrease tension knob dial.

If loops appear on the bottom of fabric, tension is too loose. Increase tension knob dial.

Bobbin tension requires adjusting less frequently than the upper thread tension.

If the Stitch is satisfactory but the seam is puckered, it may be necessary to loosen the tension on both the top and bottom threads. Be sure to balance them evenly.



Adjusting bobbin tension

When adjusting the tension on the bobbin case. Make slight adjustments with a screwdriver.

Decrease bobbin tension by turning small screw counter-clockwise.

Increase bobbin tension by turn small screw clockwise.


You can find more Kenmore instruction manuals here.




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