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Viking Husqvarna Special 19 Sewing Machine Instruction Manual


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Viking Husqvarna Special 19 Sewing Machine Instruction Manual.


This manual is available here- Viking Husqvarna sewing machine manual


Threading needle.
Bobbin winding.
Thread tension adjustment.
Corded buttonhole.
Attaching zippers.
Take-up spring.
Three-step zigzag.
Reverse feed knob.
Feed dog.
Eyelet attachment.
Inserting needle.
Rug making.
Much more!

52 page complete instruction manual.

Viking Husqvarna Special 19 Sewing Machine Instruction Manual.


How to insert a needle

Loosen the needle screw.
Insert the needle in the clamp and push it up as far as it will go. Make sure the flat side of the needle is turned away from you and faces toward the rear of the machine.
Tighten the screw securely, and check again to make sure the needle is inserted correctly. The long groove over the needle eye will be facing you.


Bobbin winding

Place a spool of thread on the spool pin nearest the hand wheel. Run the thread through the thread guide and down under the guide on the tension device and back between the tension discs.
Wind the thread two or three times around the bobbin and push the bottom and as far as it will go on to the winder spindle. This automatically disengages the sewing mechanism.
Start the bobbin winder by pressing the foot pedal, and wind at a moderate speed. Stop winding when the bobbin is filled to about 1/16 of an inch from the rim.
The spindle automatically engages the sewing mechanism again when bobbin and is pulled off.


Threading the bobbin case

Hold the bobbin case in your left hand with the slot in the edge upwards or facing you.
Take the bobbin in your right hand, so the thread end leads away from you, and drop it into the case. Then, still with your right hand, draw the thread into the slot in the edge of the case.
Now lead the thread under the tension spring and let it come out at the notch in the end of the spring. Pull the thread out a few inches, and check to see that the bobbin rotates clockwise in the case.


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Have fun sewing!

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